To be agreed
Total hours available
40h/week / part-time subject to agreement
€1,500 gross/month

The internship provides a comprehensive insight into agency procedures and processes. At pixelart you have the opportunity to choose the best area of specialisation for you from seven options. You are actively involved in projects with team colleagues from day 1 and expected to manage and implement task workloads under your own steam.

Project Manager beim Team-Meeting

Your tasks

Complete a (+/-)6-month internship at pixelart (e.g. mandatory internship as part of a degree course). Regular turnover of fascinating projects for major companies. Work under the guidance of an experienced employee who will show you all the relevant skills.

Internships at pixelart:

  • Web Development internship (m/w/x)
  • Digital Design internship (m/w/x)
  • Digital Project Management internship (m/w/x)
  • Digital Marketing internship (m/w/x)
  • Digital Strategy internship (m/w/x)
  • Experimental Code Design internship (m/w/x)
  • Motion Design internship (m/w/x)

What you can contribute

  • Degree with direct relevance to internship specifics
  • Relevant experience from previous work placements or private projects considered beneficial
  • Experience dealing with relevant tools and understanding of digital applications
  • You plan to be in the digital business for the long term and would like to work in an agency

Join our team!

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What you can expect here:

  • Flexible working hours

    No overtime, full working time flexibility, no core working hours.

  • Working from home

    How much time you spend in the office at pixelart or working from home is up to you.

  • Further training

    Ongoing training by external speakers and internal specialists provides new ideas and capabilities in our skill sessions.

  • Health & fitness

    Ergonomic work stations, sporting activities, dietary advice, and subsidised, fresh and healthy lunches.

  • Mobile office devices

    Windows, Linux and Mac optimised for spontaneous transitions between the pixelart office and your home.

  • Staff events

    Budget for socialising, team events and barbecues.

Your personal career plan

Our transparent level system provides easy orientation.

  • Internship

    Enjoy your first digital adventures with us on a five or six-month internship. Internships can be done here at any time, and are one way of joining the company on a permanent basis.

  • Junior Level

    Start as a junior after university and we'll make you a pro. Juniors learn lots in our talent factory and are involved in major projects right from the start.

  • Pro Level

    Pro level is the right place to start for applicants with a solid understanding of, and plenty of experience in, the digital field. Recommended for applicants with two or three years of work experience in the sector.

  • Senior Level

    You're a pro in your field and can pass on knowledge to your team in the right amounts at the right time. Your motivation, knowledge, ability and quality awareness set the standard for pixelart teams.

  • Lead Level

    This is your career step from specialist to leader. In this position you take on leadership responsibilities, develop processes and work on superordinate strategic agency issues.

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