Frau schenkt sich Rotwein in ein RIEDEL Weinglas ein

Focus on international
e-commerce and customer experience

Focus on international
e-commerce and customer experience

RIEDEL is a centuries-old traditional Austrian business with a world-famous brand in the luxury segment. For hundreds of years RIEDEL glass has accompanied wine-drinking for an exquisite and unforgettably pleasurable experience.

Mann gießt sich Rotwein in ein RIEDEL Glas
Rotwein wird von RIEDEL Karaffe in Glas geschüttet

The idea behind this international project was to please RIEDEL customers with a combination of digital branding and online shopping, and a very special digital experience.

  • Strategy & consulting

    An intuitive and conversion-optimised ordering process triggered the desired business results for RIEDEL. Editing workflow and revising e-commerce processes during the project also guaranteed optimisation ahead of the relaunch.

  • Content & commerce

    Technologically, the central ideas were implemented using Magnolia & commercetools. Seamless interaction of the two technologies guarantees every customer an unbeatable shopping experience, and simple maintenance for administrators and editors.

  • Usability testing

    During the project development phase, 2-step usability tests were carried out on subjects from the target group to gain key insights and integrate the resulting solutions prior to launch.

  • Language, country and domain concept

    Serving 7 regions, and covering more than 35 countries and 5 languages, required a comprehensive domain concept. It was implemented in cooperation with our SEO experts and rolled out step by step.

  • Connecting to interfaces

    In technical terms, the goal was the seamless integration of the new platform into the existing system environment. Connecting up ERP, payment providers and interfaces to product rating functionality produces an optimised customer journey.

  • Rollout and ongoing development

    The rollout was implemented country by country. Ongoing development of the platform is mainly realised centrally, while still providing opportunities for adaption to country-specific requirements.

The digital art of wine. Timelessly modern design, needs-driven content and lots of tiny details – - that's the goal of this e-commerce platform.

Ausschnitt von RIEDEL eCommerce Plattform
Mann hebt ein Glas Sekt über gedeckten Tisch

Creative challenge

The e-commerce platform bridges the gap between RIEDEL's traditional corporate design classicism and its new and creative design language, and is inspired by numerous subtle details. Clear and elegant imagery, refined illustrations, tasteful animation work and emotive images.

Verschiedene Seiten der RIEDEL eCommerce Lösung

Facts & figures

1500 products, 2380 CMS pages, 35 countries, 20 payment APIs, 15 project members, 10 months and 2 impressive technologies: Magnolia & commercetools.

Together, as a team, we have raised RIEDEL to the next digital level.

Konzeptentwicklung der RIEDEL eCommerce Lösung

Should an online shop do far more than sell products? This platform engages wine lovers, and provides them with relevant information. Carefully-tailored content elements inform wine connoisseurs about – which wine glasses suit which grapes, recommended drinking temperatures, colours, flavours and aromas.

Drei Gläser Wein vor einer Käseplatte
Herstellung von RIEDEL Gläser

RIEDEL glasses are sold across 7 regions of the world - from Austria to Australia, the USA to the United Arab Emirates. The website is available in 35 country versions and in 5 languages.

Grüne Weinreben auf einem Weinfeld

The sheer scale of the project, and the emphasis on an integrated content and e-commerce platform, made it essential to guarantee well-designed and structured internal workflow.

Festlich gedeckter Tisch mit edelem Geschirr

We chose a very special partner for the relaunch of the entire RIEDEL online marketing infrastructure; one able to deal with distribution channel complexity, and to do justice to such an exquisite product. pixelart is a partner capable of taking our special ideas, and implementing them in all their unique glory.

Rosita Gschwentner
Head of E-Commerce & Online-Marketing

Find the perfect glass

Red wine, white wine, Riesling or Champagne: Do you know which glass is best suited to which grape? The new "Wine glass guide" helps you select the perfect glass.

Vorteile der RIEDEL eCommerce Plattform werden hervorgehoben
RIEDEL Karaffe

"The digital art of wine" – This successful digital commerce project served the mission very well. The affection for wine radiates beyond the limits of the site, taking the target group on a digital voyage of discovery to a world of vintage indulgence.



Multiple award-winning projects

  • Annual Multimedia Award 2020

    Gold in the category: Shop/E-commerce

  • Salzburger Landespreis

    Silver in the category: Websites