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Are you aiming to boost your brand on digital channels?

Are you aiming to boost your brand on digital channels?

Like the world itself, brands are also in flux. Brands are living entities. Innovation and the ability to adapt are the challenges facing the brands of tomorrow. Authenticity and honesty are the new values in communication.

Long-term brand enhancement requires a holistic perspective. Together we develop a vision and design a roadmap for sustained brand success.

What's essential to a digital brand showcase?

  • Design

    Design creates a uniform identity. The visible appearance gives the brand a face. We help you position the brand, with corporate design and logo development, digital campaigns and by generating interactive brand experiences.

  • Communication

    Internal and outward integrity are of the essence, in vocabulary and language style. Authenticity is judged upon uniform usage across all channels of communication. We sharpen your communications tonality and ensure you are perceived at all digital touchpoints.

  • Philosophy

    In an age of 'new work' a company's values and attitude are of increasing significance. We advise the company in this regard, and employ all the empathy required to understand your customers, services and staff.

It's time to completely redefine what a brand is. Versatile design systems that boost identity are increasingly replacing conventional, logo-centric corporate design.

Porträtfoto von Ben Zehrfeldt
Ben Zehrfeldt
Creative Lead

Digital first

Digital to the core - designed for a digital world. The limitations of an analogue world often restrict digital development: The digital world now predominates. Digital brands are interactive and experienced on a variety of media platforms.

3 reasons to re-think your brand strategy.

  • Branded interactions

    The behaviour and experience of digital touch points have become decisive factors. Even Alexa's seemingly insignificant intonation is part of a branded interaction that has a major influence on how we perceive a brand.

  • Flexibility beats rigour

    Brands need to breathe with such a diversity of applications. A responsive logo and variable corporate design give dynamic brands like 'Uber' the necessary visual flexibility.

  • Simplicity is the message

    Less is more. Reduced branding associates a product with a sense of ease. The principle behind Apple worked by conscious simplification, and by leaving out the unnecessary.

Arbeit bei der Entwicklung von Motion Design
Erarbeitung eines Digital Branding Konzepts

From corporate manuals to brand guides

A design system is the foundation for all digital products, with a collection of reusable components. The way it works can be seen in brand portals such as Audi's; a web-based brand handbook for worldwide communication.

Developing a brand and bringing it to life requires dedication from everyone, in a rapid and agile process, without partisan departments and with plenty of discussion, in close cooperation. Let's get started.

Porträtfoto von Ben Zehrfeldt
Ben Zehrfeldt
Creative Lead

Let's work together!

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