Our e-commerce solutions harmonise the interplay between relevant content and the shopping experience. The goal: A unique experience for customers and a sustained increase in sales.

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As an e-commerce agency we do more than just develop online shops

What makes for a good digital shopping experience? How can you achieve online sales targets? At pixelart we believe a future-proof e-commerce strategy starts with your needs, the choice of the right e-commerce solution and goes all the way to made-to-fit digital marketing measures. The limitations of an online shop agency soon become obvious.

User research

Whether for B2B or B2C, when developing an online shop, a digital hire system or a mobile commerce application, we like to see things from the consumer's perspective. Today, customers seek more than just expert advice and relevant offerings. Ideally, content should link up with the touchpoint of the customer's current purchasing journey. 

Curiosity & know-how

Why digital commerce with pixelart?

We offer vast experience in the provision of full-service digital commerce solutions. The demands and expectations facing solutions are incredibly diverse. That's why we love working in such a fascinating sector. 

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Seamless integration of digital commerce into your current business

pixelart's goal is to integrate the new digital e-commerce building block into your existing ecosystem and link up seamlessly with current systems: ERP, CRM, PIM, logistics etc. This creates a uniform and complete high-performance system without introducing non-scalable exterior monoliths to your system environment. 

E-commerce is far more than a project

The online shop works, sales figures are good, but will the whole strategy have to be redesigned after a few years? Not if the technical basis is intact and the strategic cornerstones were constructed with a long-term view. It's important to know: e-commerce is not a one-off project. It requires continuous optimisation. Read about your opportunities and reasons for rethinking your digital commerce architecture in our Trending article:

E-commerce technologies for the future

What's the right shop system for you? Which platform serves your requirements best? We help you identify the right solution. We implement e-commerce projects using all the following technologies - and more.

commercetools – The flexible, cloud-based e-commerce solution for innovative business models. More info.

PIMCORE – The modular platform for PIM, DAM, CMS and e-commerce. More info.

Conventional online shops, booking platforms, rental systems and tailored business solutions: All share the choice of the right solution for their business success.

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