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Effective digital measures: A roadmap for your business

Effective digital measures: A roadmap for your business

Is action required regarding the digitalisation of your company? You're not alone! But what's the point of implementing great measures without a solid digital strategy? We show you what's important, and how to compile a great digital roadmap.

How much digitalisation? And how fast?

No area of a company can escape the concept of digitalisation; corporate communication, IT or personnel marketing. Initial goals are often expressed roughly: "To keep up with the competition on the digital playing field" or  "To digitise our processes". But what's essential? What's the best place to start the process of digital development? 

From action to purpose

It's essential to plan ahead and develop a logical and effective digital strategy. We help with hands-on expertise, proven methods and ask all the right questions. Together we develop a digital roadmap that gradually takes you closer to your digital vision. 




Reasons why

pixelart and your digital roadmap

How about an external sparring partner to help develop a strategy for the next steps? What to expect from cooperation with pixelart:

  • Clarity beats complexity

    Are there complex requirements and a variety of opinions within your company? You need clarity! A digital roadmap determines a clear direction and provides guidance for future action.

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    Advice and expertise

    We don't prescribe solutions - we develop them with you, asking all the essential questions and making our expertise available at all times. We focus on measures that grow your business.

  • Planning and implementation

    Support isn't limited to measures and schedules. Our full-service agency assists you with the implementation and evaluation of each measure.

Step by step

Four steps to a corporate digital roadmap

You may be expanding, launching a new product, or clarifying your market positioning: The joint digital roadmap is a solution to your specific questions and goals. Together we assimilate a range of possible solutions. When the best solution has been identified, we deliver a plan containing measures, projects and budgets. The digital roadmap is developed in roughly four steps:

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Get to know us!

What are the main tasks? What do you need? Let's meet, get to know each other, and find out how our agency can help with your specifics.

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Research & analysis

pixelart begins by analysing your current status, goals and market environment. Our goal: To develop ways of harmonising these categories.

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Let's meet!

We meet to present and discuss the latest findings and recommendations, and to agree a logical framework for further steps.

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Developing the roadmap

We compile a roadmap that covers all recommendations, and discuss the next steps.

What's in it for me

You receive the result; a detailed and focused digital roadmap featuring:

✔ Prioritised steps toward achieving goals
✔ Concrete recommendations for action and to-do lists
✔ Coverage of all the core disciplines in digitalisation
✔ All the strategic pillars and next steps

For the renewal of BECK's digital customer experience, we were looking for a competent partner who would bring our new brand identity and brand architecture to life in the digital space and create new, modernized access to our target groups. With pixelart we have found a team of digital experts who have poured our requirements into a clear, inspiring digital marketing strategy and have taken us to a new level in our transformation from OEM producer to brand supplier.


Michaela Beck
Marketing Director BECK

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