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Do you aim to digitalise your business?

Do you aim to digitalise your business?

We are a digital agency with the right expertise as advisors & transformation specialists.

Digital business transformation and commercial expansion are sound corporate moves. They're great ways of growing sales potential and extending your market radius. We guide you  and your business along every step of the journey into your digital future.

What does an existing business need for digital transformation?

  • Ideas and envisioning goals is essential

    A working business model or idea always forms the basis.

  • Scalability is great

    Implementation of a business model or idea must be flexibly scalable.

  • All potential must be examined

    Explore customer potential beyond the exisiting customer radius.

Digitalisation - step by step

pixelart helps identify potential and plan the next steps. Digitalise step-by-step and learn with the market. We have years of experience in the development of digital products and in digital transformation, and advise you on your budget to be sure you navigate the process financially from the very beginning.

Skizze wird bei Ideen-Workshop gezeichnet

Research & ideas

We support start-ups, medium-sized businesses and major corporations in the development of ideas for products. We work wherever digital solutions simply have to work. Idea workshops and creative hack sessions: We employ common methodologies to achieve the best possible outcome. Concrete ideas are tested to establish whether they can achieve digital acceptance.

Sprintmethode wird visualisiert

Digital product development

The sprint method is used to develop all digital products across all the key technological platforms. This involves apps, e-commerce & ordering applications, VR tools, configurators and all the key benefits connected with AI. We take an agile approach tested every step of the way.

Projektteam arbeitet gemeinsam mit Kunden an dem Projekt

Brand activation, social & digital campaigns

Digital products need to be promoted accordingly and be clearly recognisable. We give ideas a face, a name - if necessary, and clearly distinguisgable branding. Full-service digital marketing guarantees visibility on all channels, be they organic, on social media or via Google Ads.

Management cockpit

Media spending, transaction data, inquiries, configurations, sales and other conversions must be transparent and accessible to executives and management. We provide tools to display all key indicators - live. Good strategic navigation depends on a clear view of the facts.

First things first - and always together. When visionary customers trust in the partnership with our motivated team of digital specialists, great things happen. Our teams get to know each other at a simple meeting where goals and expectations are expressed. We then provide the costs for every phase.

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