PIM/PXM Integration Service

Does your business have too many data sources? Some data may be located in ERP, others in a variety of documents and departments? Translations and images are stored on numerous individual hard drives...

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Data management vision

It's time to bring all your data together in a single lead system and to break down the previous barriers to data maintenance. Ideally, marketing, technology, sales, and distribution departments access and utilise centralised data that are kept completely up to date. Welcome to the world of product experience management – the basis for an optimised customer experience.

We are your partner for the implementation of all PIM/PXM project steps.

By analysing data together, we can see which data already exist, and the data you will need in the future. We cooperate to establish the desired quality and workflow for all key data.

  • Planning for your business

    Trust in customised solutions: PIM/PXM isn't the solution in itself; it's all about the right planning: Quality data and frequent data utilisation show the way to the right solution.

  • Evaluating PIM/PXM

    We specialise in three tried-and-tested solutions. Together we analyse and plan your requirements to select the best possible product. We're best-of-breed and completely independent.

  • Implementation of PIM/PXM

    We implement PIM/PXM, preferably in a cloud environment, and all the necessary steps toward 'fully operational' status, including operation, hosting and updates.

  • Establish data quality

    Together we decide the depth and width of data required, then compile guidelines and workflow plans to secure data quality for the future.

  • Rollout in individual steps

    Introducing PIM/PXM requires organisational change management. We accompany you in all phases and provide a full range of training programmes.

  • Linking up to data sources

    Integration into existing systems such as ERP is a must for the seamless introduction of PIM/PXM. Depending on requirements, any number of systems can be hooked up to PIM/PXM.

We aim to take your corporate growth to the next level: The use of data for digitalisation and innovation, and in preparation for the technologies of tomorrow, demands optimal data management.

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Thomas Peintner
Team Leader Digital Commerce & Business Solutions

Creating product experiences

The growing number of channels and touchpoints connecting you to your customers makes an excellent customer experience a must.

Systems must be created that are readily used by all departments: Welcome to the world of successful product experience management.

Our technologies for your PIM/PXM project

Akeneo – The PIM/PXM solution for specialised communities and commercial enterprises.

commercetools – The cloud-based e-commerce/PIM solution for innovative business models. More info.

PIMCORE – The Open Source-based modular platform for PIM, DAM, CMS and e-commerce. More info.

The future of data

Do you have questions about the use of data for digitalisation?

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