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Every project generates different re­quire­ments in regard of infra­structure. Together we find a snug-fitting technology ecosystem and all the necessary compo­nents to ensure a stable, highly functional deployment environment.

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Correct infrastructural planning and architecture, and the use of cloud hosting, form the basis of a safe and economical overall solution for your digital project. 

Our services in the field of technology ecosystems

  • Security & load audits

    We work with the digital marketing team to evaluate statistics and establish the expected number of users. Tools like Apache Benchmark and BlazeMeter help us to identify looming bottlenecks and take necessary steps, and we also run internal and external security audits.

  • Optimise performance

    Pinpoint use of caching frameworks and connection to a content delivery network (CDN) can further enhance performance. Whether you run an international website or a high-availability e-commerce project, we select the right building blocks for a future-proof solution.

  • Monitoring & maintenance

    For every project, guaranteeing the operational reliability of infrastructure requires a tight network of monitoring sensors. pixelart's technical management provides an all-round 'no-worries' package for your infrastructure.

We build on cloud hosting

Platform.sh is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and offers maintenance-free, easily scalable infrastructure. AWS Lambda provides a high-availability serverless environment. Our experts deliver precisely-tailored advice for your project - on choices, and a hosting concept with high availability and operationally-reliable deployment.

Building blocks for future-proof infrastructure

  • CDN

    An optional content delivery network distributes copies of web content items across the globe, providing the user with content from the geographically closest server.

  • Performance

    Our solutions benefit from optimised, multi-step caching components for efficient content delivery.

  • Security

    All systems are monitored by pixelart and kept at the latest security standards via regular technical management.

  • PaaS

    “Platform as a Service” solutions like Netlify or platform.sh offer secure, scalable, maintenance-free infrastructure for your project.

  • Code versioning

    Code changes are entered into our Git system and can be reversed by the version control system at any time.

  • Robust & redundant

    We emphasise the importance of seamless infrastructurre operation during maintenance and deployment, so we rely on high-availability fail-safe solutions

The ideal final result is dependant upon choosing the right infrastructure and suitable components. A highly functional, stable and safe technology ecosystem forms the basis of a successful digital product.

Alexander Hölzl
Lead Web Developer

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