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Digital Strategy | Internship (all genders)

from spring 2024
Total hours available
Full-time 36 h week / ​part-time from 30 h
Salzburg / ​Hybrid

What’s the best digital strategy for our clients? This is a question that keeps our digital strategy experts busy every day!During your internship, we provide a comprehensive insight into agency procedures and processes. From day 1 you work together with the team, you’re actively involved, and will supervise and implement work packages with a high degree of self-reliance.

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Your tasks

  • Workshops, pitches, presentations, scribbles and concepts… When it comes to visualising good ideas to make them attractive to our clients, you are at the forefront. 
  • Spot potential for improvement at first glance and document new ideas clearly in a team, while at also contributing your own creative potential.
  • Develop analytical skills, be solution-oriented and intensely curious, and be able to immerse yourself in the microcosms of clients and their customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Work with an experienced digital strategist on the operation of touchpoints such as websites, apps, web shops and digital tools with regard to reaching target groups and addressing their needs.
  • Your tools: precise formulations, quick and analytical comprehension, paper and pen, the ability to empathise with target groups, and openness toward new tools and techniques.

What you can contribute

  • We prefer candidates with academic qualifications directly related to the internship position
  • We prefer candidates with relevant experience from previous internships or private projects
  • Excellent understanding of digital applications
  • Well-developed communication skills and professional appearance
  • Analytical and focused approach to complex issues
  • Strategic and multi-contextual thinking, a flexible mindset in dealing with changes in requirements and wishes
  • Good knowledge of English and excellent knowledge of German
  • Self-confidence, a good sense of humour and bold assertiveness
  • You’re driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, and you love to learn new things
  • You see a long-term perspective for digital business and have the desire to work for an agency

Our Offer

In addition to great benefits, the monthly salary ranges from €1,700 to €2,000 gross* (including holiday pay and a Christmas bonus) for staff in full-time positions.
*This depends on qualifications, internship duration and experience.

Our Offer

In addition to great benefits, the monthly salary ranges from €1,700 to €2,000 gross* (including holiday pay and a Christmas bonus) for staff in full-time positions.
*This depends on qualifications, internship duration and experience.

Level up

Your personal career plan

  • Internship

    Enjoy your first digital adventures with us on a five or six-month internship. Internships can be done here at any time, and are one way of joining the company on a permanent basis.

  • Junior Level

    Start as a junior after university and we'll make you a pro. Juniors learn lots in our talent factory and are involved in major projects right from the start.

  • Pro Level

    Pro level is the right place to start for applicants with a solid understanding of, and plenty of experience in, the digital field. Recommended for applicants with two or three years of work experience in the sector.

  • Senior Level

    You're a pro in your field and can pass on knowledge to your team in the right amounts at the right time. Your motivation, knowledge, ability and quality awareness set the standard for pixelart teams.

  • Lead Level

    This is your career step from specialist to leader. In this position you take on leadership responsibilities, develop processes and work on superordinate strategic agency issues.

Digital Strategy | Internship
Digital Strategy | Internship
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Our great place to work

That's what you can look forward to at our agency:

  • px-Flexible

    Our work model provides a balance between work and personal life. With px-Flexible, we create a work environment that promotes well-being and increases productivity throughout the agency. Our Rules of Engagement set the conditions for efficient, value-based and successful teamwork.

  • Team-Spirit

    ...is a top priority for us. Because the success of our projects is the result of an appreciative and inspiring cooperation. Fun is never missing out. Team events, barbecues on the terrace, regular agency events and always a common goal in mind provide the unique pixelart vibe.

  • Good Health & Wellbeing

    We want our employees to be fit and happy. That's why we offer them not only enough fruit, vegetables and coffee, but also variety in the form of regular yoga, massage and shiatsu sessions for the tired body. At lunchtime, a fresh and inexpensive meal will give you all the energy you need, while a cold after-work beer is on us.

  • More than an Office

    We see our unique loft office as a place to work and a living space. That's why we have not only created modern workplaces on 3,000 m². We have social spaces for creative exchange, places to retreat when agency life gets too noisy and a shower for our sports fans.

  • Personal Development

    Change and further development are an important part of our philosophy. The individual development of our employees is part of our everyday work. Personal development roadmaps with internal so called SkillSessions, our digital talks and exciting impulses from external speakers and coaches accompany us on our digital journey at pixelart. For all bookworms, there is a diverse library.

  • Great Projects

    Our work is as versatile as our customers. In the process, we realize digital visions and develop customized solutions. We always pursue the goal of getting the best out of each individual project. That's how we design digital experiences that will be remembered.

  • Sustainable Mobility

    We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and society. That's why we support our team members in getting to the office in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We finance the climate ticket for public transport for our employees from the first day, support car sharing and rely on e-mobility for our company vehicles.

  • Talent Hunting

    In our recruiting, we also rely on the network of our employees. Does an acquaintance or friend match to one of our advertised positions? Perfect - if the vacancy is filled successfully, our employees receive attractive bonuses.

  • Value-Based Work

    Our values form the foundation of our corporate structures and are the central focus of our daily cooperation. In all our activities, we are guided by them, because they are not just signposts, but the path to our goals.


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Digital Strategy | Internship
Digital Strategy | Internship
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