Diversity makes us strong

We're a fantastic team of 70 players at the top of their game, bursting with energy to help our customers.

Driven by curiosity

We'd like to introduce some of the people in our team who inspire and represent what we do. Cooperation is actively encouraged and supported within our corporate culture - and the customer is always part of the team.

Katrin Lackner

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A healthy culture of interaction in the workplace and optimised internal procedures are particularly important to ensure staff and applicants feel well here.

Katrin Lackner, People & Culture Manager

Ruth Aspetsberger

Porträtfoto von Ruth Aspetsberger

Fascinating projects with customers from so many different industries help us grow as a team; and improve every single one of us.

Ruth Aspetsberger, Digital Project Manager

How we do it.

How we do it.

Our values give us direction and drive our develop­ment. We share in every project and mission, which means guaranteed success for our clients.

Simplicity is best.

Simplicity is best.

Simplification is the most intelligent way to innovate. Experience has shown that simplicity delivers desired results, faster. We always seek the delicate balance between practicality and sophistication.

Mitarbeiterin visualisiert Prozess um ihn zu vereinfachen

We take­ on responsibil­ity.

We take­ on

Every one of us designs the future. We complete tasks reliably, logically, resolutely and purposefully. We encourage self-­dependant action, mutual trust and a culture of open discussion.

Race Car im pixelart Office

We have the courage to cha­nge.

We have the courage
to cha­nge.

Humans are driven by curiosity. Focus, courage and belief in technology make us special. We never stop developing and encouraging change.

neue Technologien werden zu zweit ausprobiert

We're here to make a difference.

We're here to make a difference.

Everything we do has to be absolutely relevant and change things for the better. We know what digital solutions can achieve, and we apply them to the goals and expectations of our customers.

Benjamin Zehrfeldt präsentiert vor Kunden

It's all about people.

It's all about people.

Diversity is a strength. We are respectful and politely proactive. We approach every task with the right amount of humour - and zero arrogance. We bridge goals and expectations and always seek to reach consensus on how to get there.

pixelart Mitarbeiter in der Welcome Bar

We are team players.

We are
team players.

The momentum of a team is greatest when everyone pulls in the same direction, knows the way, sticks to the plan. We share experiences and inspire each other. The customer is always part of every team.

Das pixelart Team geht einen gemeinsamen Weg

Feature talks, meet-ups, retrospectives

We share experiences! We constantly hold talks & events here at pixelart.

Mitarbeiter spricht vor Publikum bei einem Event

Martin Holler

Porträtfoto von Martin Holler

Easy usability, comprehensible content and expressive aesthetics are the cornerstones of digital project design.

Martin Holler, Senior Digital Designer

Kathrin Niederreiner

Porträtfoto von Kathrin Niederreiner

We provide whatever customers need to become better at what they do, be it branding, performance campaigns or anything else!

Kathrin Niederreiner, Team Leader Digital Marketing & Content
pixelart as an online marketing agency

Alex Walterskirchen

Porträtfoto von Alex Walterskirchen

Curiosity drives us, guarantees development, encourages growth - for us and our customers.

Alex Walterskirchen, CEO/CFO

Kathrin Kaufleitner

Foto von Kathrin Kaufleitner

The use of innovative technologies enables us to create an ideal playing field for the unceasing training and improvement of our developers.

Kathrin Kaufleitner, Lead Web Developer

Made with love

We encourage ideas and courageous actions. What next?

Arbeiten im pixelart Techlab

Thomas Peintner

Porträtfoto von Thomas Peintner

We merge the skills of visionary customers and talented employees to form teams that can achieve great things.

Thomas Peintner, Team Leader Digital Commerce & Business Solutions
Article "Master the digital commerce roadmap"

Jan Heinzle

Porträtfoto von Jan Heinzle

I'm driven by pride in my work. I have to know I've squeezed the maximum out of every project.

Jan Heinzle, Senior Web Developer

Christian Ortner

Porträtfoto von Christian Ortner

We want to be the best place to work in the industry, and I want the whole team to feel it every day.

Christian Ortner, COO
Article: „Hybrid workspace: The benefits of working in a team with customers“

Angelika Zopf

Porträtfoto von Angelika Zopf

Relevant content and a logical communications strategy have a positive effect on brand image and customer loyalty; and that's exactly what we want for our customers.

Angelika Zopf, Content Strategy Manager

A culture of innovation

Use technology creatively to innovate and never stop being curious.

Ben Zehrfeldt

Porträtfoto von Ben Zehrfeldt

Alongside skilful storytelling, digital projects need content with maximum relevance.

Ben Zehrfeldt, Creative Lead
Article "Next generation automotive interface"

Mike Glas

Porträtfoto von Mike Glas

Technology can do so much more, transforming ideas into relevant digital products people love to use.

Mike Glas, CEO/CTO
Article "Intensify the Store-Experience"

Juliana Eisl

Porträtfoto von Juliana Eisl

For me, a successful digital project combines customer-orientated thinking, discipline, flexibility all round, and a healthy dose of good-humoured fun.

Juliana Eisl, Digital Project Manager

Bernhard Hochrainer

Porträtfoto von Bernhard Hochrainer

Today it's important to have concepts that hold the attention of the visitor. We approach this goal with a great deal of curiosity and innovative spirit.

Bernhard Hochrainer, Senior Digital Strategist
Article "The internet of me – Rethinking privacy"