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A digital touchpoint with emotion.

A digital touchpoint with emotion.

DS Automation’s new corporate website takes the company’s digital presence to new heights. Digital branding, a modular design system, animated 3D content and structured web development bring the brand and its innovative products to life.

DS Automotion Produkte im Einsatz in einer modernen Produktion.


Motion is the central element defining DS Automotion’s digital brand. A dynamic design system and intensive use of 3D content are strongly perceptible across the entire website. The showcase always ensures the company’s excellent products take centre stage.

  • Digital Branding

    In the course of the digital redesigning process, we analysed the brand, identified its key qualities and redefined the core elements. Geometric shapes, new typography, a subtly-adapted colour scheme and the introduction of movement in the form of Motion Design are the essential elements of the revamped brand.

  • Content Produktion

    We generated all the essential content required for the new DS Automotion touchpoint, and integrated each item seamlessly into the website: Animated illustrations, 3D models, customised visuals and unique copy – for a uniform and focused digital presence.

  • Experience Design

    The elements identified in the market analysis formed the basis for the entire user interface design – from the homepage header to the smallest of buttons. Each element aids user orientation, while also communicating brand identity to ensure a consistent user experience across the entire online presence.

  • Development

    The technical basis for the website is a high-performance TYPO3 CMS. A clear backend structure was established for the integration and management of content. This simplifies navigation for editors and enables a broad variety of content to be generated without technical programming skills.

Digital Branding

A modern look is increasingly often achieved when a digital relaunch begins with a brand identity refocus. Here it involved subtle changes to the corporate design, and covers several aspects, including new basic shapes and colour palettes. Defining essential values and elements ensures brand recognition across all channels.

Product Content

All the visual elements were produced especially for the new digital touchpoint – from sketches to the finished animations. We ensured the details of every item in all areas formed a carefully-combined whole. The result is a professional showcase and a homogenous image throughout the entire website.

Alle Produktcards sind auf einem Bild sichtbar.

CAD to Cinema 4D

A very special highlight is provided by animated 3D renderings of the DS Automotion vehicles. Renderings are an ideal means of highlighting the features and attributes of each product. Animated 3D models of each vehicle were generated using existing CAD data and integrated into the website, enabling complex products to be experienced multidimensionally by the user.

Product Engaging

3D content takes product storytelling to another level. The very latest technology and motion design are used to demonstrate and emotionalise vehicles for users on the product detail pages. Precisely formulated blocks of copy complement the visual content.

More Content

The applications of DS Automotion products are demonstrated via specially-produced short video loops. The rich and powerful colours of the autonomous vehicles contrast strongly against a bright, monochrome background. The short sequences provide a unique presentation of the versatility of these products and their functionalities.

Industry Visuals

The visual presentation of the sectors in which DS Automotion is active required expressive and theme-specific visuals chosen to harmonise perfectly with the design of the website. The result is consistent and distinctive DS Automotion imagery for a digital corporate presence that works across all channels.

Alle Branchen-Freisteller auf einer Übersicht.

Icons In Motion

Translating complex DS Automotion systems into the simplest possible form of presentation was a major challenge. We developed a special code of shapes for the website, based on a pool of 16 animated icons, to enable product benefits and characteristics to be explained at a glance - and which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

UI/UX Design

There’s a perfect interplay of User Interface and User Experience on the DS Automotion corporate website. All the predefined brand elements are clearly distinguishable – from the largest module to the smallest component. This guarantees a seamless combination of unique experience with perfect usability.

Cooperating with pixelart was always a constructive, productive, enjoyable and cordial experience. The results speak for themselves: We’ve definitely managed to issue a major statement to the rest of our industry.

Ing. Kurt Ammertorfer von DS Automotion im Porträitmodus.
Ing. Kurt Ammerstorfer
Head of Sales, Product Management & Marketing, DS Automotion
DS Automotion Produkte im Einsatz in einer modernen Produktion.

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An ideal symbiosis of highly distinctive content, smart design and a clearly distinguishable brand identity guarantees a unique User Experience that goes far beyond a mere digital touchpoint.

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