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Smart product presentation meets technical data management

Smart product presentation meets technical data management

Storytelling meets data management! That was the challenge for Wiesner-Hager's new digital touchpoint. The corporate website has space for every product and its details. A versatile PIM system works in the background to provide the space to present single products and combi systems.


Emotional images and playful interaction breathe life into every product. The product is in the spotlight – as a visual showcase and in terms of data management.

  • Consulting and concept design

    We cooperated closely with Wiesner-Hager to create a logical, interlinked website system. Particular attention was paid to completely reconceptualising and restructuring the product area.

  • UI/UX design

    A simpler interface maximises usability. We deploy trusted solutions for usability issues to ensure the website is optimised for use by all age groups. Maximum functionality, without the bells and whistles.

  • Setup Pimcore

    The PIM system reorganises ERP data. The editor manages the content of the product pages and defines internal product contexts. It makes individual products, complete product lines and entire series available on a single product detail page.

Product visualisation

The new design system provides plenty of space for showcasing the products and Wiesner-Hager's sophisticated imagery. Modern scroll effects further enhance the presentation of each product. Conversions are the key consideration, and the option is always clearly visible in the user's field of view.

iPhone Mockup im Hell-Dunkel Modus mit jeweils einem Stuhl als Freisteller.
Auf einem MacBook wird eine Referenzseite gezeigt.

Project pages

One highlight of product presentation is the project area. By cross-linking, users can switch quickly between the two areas to see the products in action. The projects provide inspiration and use emotional imagery to harmonise products and room systems. They present visions that can be transformed into reality with Wiesner-Hager.

Pim data system

The PIM system takes on the basic tasks, so the editor can concentrate on showcasing and storytelling aspects. This way, product data is managed in a structured form and enhanced with more information for frontend presentation. Smart data management gives creative editors time for the essentials.

iPad auf dem sich Bilder durchtauschen und den Hover-Effekt zeigen.

Hover effects

Smart hover animation in the overview gives users a preview of what the product will look like in a room.


Detailed technical data and information are made available at a click – in the overlay in order not to overload the inspiring imagery.


A well-balanced and homogenous range of images, informative texts and intuitive interaction guarantees clarity for an inspiring and practical digital experience.

Pimcore System ist der Mittelpunkt, bei dem alle Daten organisiert werden.


A comprehensive product portfolio needs a high-performance data management system. The Pimcore PIM system reorganises and enhances ERP data for marketing purposes. The technical data on the product are sourced from the ERP system – allowing the editor to focus on storytelling tasks with copy and visual content.


The PIM system enables individual product data sets to be linked up to form a series, or a complete office solution. The same functionality allows everything from a single product to a fully-configured office solution to be shown in the product area. The editor has the freedom to manage and showcase a constantly growing product portfolio.

Product update

The editor can also administer the updating process for product data. An upload module enables product data to be overwritten, and new products to be added. The major benefit is that editors receive an automated summary of the corrections and improvements required by e-mail. So large numbers of products can be updated and processed efficiently, all at once.

The interplay of modern web design and Pimcore's PIM functionality has immensely improved the service quality of our new website and the presentation of the products. It has eased the burden of growing demands of customers for information, and been reflected in a significant increase in inquiries.

Franz Gurtner
Leiter Marketing, Wiesner-Hager Möbel GmbH
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