Digital Branding

The toughest challenge in digital branding today is the great speed of change and innovation expected of brands in a digital environment.

Erarbeitung eines Digital Branding Konzepts

Increasing numbers of businesses have moved their main communications environment to the digital realm. Digital first is much more than a buzzword.

Good digital branding is authentic and aesthetic.

It's no longer all about a responsive logo, social media ads, website design or creating a native app. Today's effective digital branding is authentic and communicates the brand story and brand values via all digital touchpoints.

Good digital branding requires a powerful mix of experience, creativity and fresh approaches.

The options of using animation and moving images should be considered from the start of the development phase. At best, conventional rules from the analogue world only offer a framework. Clunky decision-making and outdated procedures are obsolete in the ping-speed digital world. A new digital age demands new hierarchical principles.

Digital branding trends

  • Minimalism is the
    next big thing

    Steve Jobs followed Leonardo da Vinci in believing 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'. From major sports brands to tech businesses and clothing brands, everyone is on board with the idea of 'less is more' - a credo of ever-growing importance in digital branding .

  • A responsive logo
    is a must

    In the analogue world it was OK for a brand to be represented by one all-purpose logo. Today's multiplicity of devices and degrees of definition mean a good logo has to adapt dynamically to its environment.

  • All-in-one online
    brand management

    Printed CD manuals? Now everything's digital, whether that's digital asset management with CD guidelines, web-based design guidelines or central storage of CD-compliant templates for marketing materials.

What is important to us when creating your digital branding?

  • We think digital first for brands by default.
  • Visually and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Clear, differentiating, and suitable for the company.
  • High degrees of user-friendliness & usability.
  • Flexible and versatile for new digital touchpoints.

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