Do you aim to be respected as an attractive place to work, and to attract the most talented candidates?

Do you aim to be respected as an attractive place to work, and to attract the most talented candidates?

The lack of skilled employees is being felt in all fields, and things are going to get tougher. However, the willingness to change jobs has never been so great. That’s your big chance.

Just one click away

For applicants, you are only one click away from your competitors. Digital platforms, rating portals and search engines provide applicants with a picture of your company as an employer and influence their decisions even before a first contact.


Are you familiar with these challenges?

If you have to answer one or more of these questions affirmatively, it’s time to start thinking about your employer brand.

  • Long waits finding replacements

    It’s not easy to fill positions, due to a lack of qualified applicants, and because candidates withdraw applications at short notice.

  • Candidates choose other options

    After a positive application interview, a candidate may decide to work for another company.

  • High cost of recruitment

    The HR measures you implement aren’t achieving the desired degree of success.

  • Poor ratings

    Your company receives negative ratings on rating sites, and there’s clearly a high rate of fluctuation.

  • Lack of identification

    There is little or no identification with the company, the task or the team.

  • Applicant chooses

    It feels like it’s you who has to apply to the candidate.

The reason why

What good reasons are there for applicants to choose your company, today?

What do your employees see as meaningful in their work? What encourages a sense of belonging, identification and connectedness?

Neither money, social benefits nor an attractive office motivate as strongly as these factors:

Enjoyment of the work itself, likeable colleagues, an attractive working environment and strong belief in the corporate mission.

In short, the old concept of work isn’t working anymore. We need to rethink.

  • A powerful employer brand

    This can only be generated by employees themselves. That gives it internal and external authenticity. Key factors include meaningful, direct social relationships with customers and colleagues, and active influence on one’s own working conditions.

  • Your no.1 benefit

    This is THE reason. It generates emotional identification and has a far stronger effect than a generic list of benefits that will just make you another corporate Disneyland.

  • Be a magnet for talent

    Say what drives you and what you believe in. Focus these convictions authentically in the minds of potential employees.

  • Authentic messages

    If posted on the right channels, these messages increase your chances of addressing candidates – and can reduce your spending.

  • Increased visibility

    This must be combined with a simplified application process to give you a decisive advantage.

  • Constant monitoring

    Seamless monitoring of success facilitates quick reactions, on-going adaptation and optimisation.

Building blocks for an authentic employer brand.

As a digital agency, we are familiar with the challenging labour market situation. We use our experience to position your business as an attractive employer brand and place authentic messages on digital channels. This raises your visibility and speeds up the application process.


The result: Candidates are addressed purposefully; identification is strengthened and suitable candidates apply.


Developing an authentic employer brand

An authentic employer brand with a unique pledge is known to increase desirability for applicants and employees.

An authentic employer brand says...

...what motivates you as a business, and what you believe in…

...what you stand for as a company…

...and it generates identification via shared values and beliefs, which are far stronger motives than mere financial benefits.



  • An authentic employee brand
  • A strategy for your digital careers channels
  • Concrete programme of measures

Digital Experience

Optimisation of your digital communications channels – and emphasis on careers

The new employer brand gains attention on all relevant digital channels.


We create authentic and relevant content, simplify existing HR procedures and ensure a seamless employer branding experience.



  • Professional, attractive, digital presentation of your employer brand
  • Implementation / rework of your careers portal / careers section
  • Integration of existing applicant management tools
  • Rework of existing content and creation of new, more relevant content (text, image, motion, video etc.)
  • Search engine optimised careers area

Digital recruiting & content

Digital marketing to personnel

The third step involves the compilation, planning and ongoing implementation of a comprehensive digital communications and marketing plan for your employer brand.



  • Employer branding guidelines & directives for design and content
  • Social job campaigns and landing pages
  • Advertise jobs on Google Jobs
  • Support and advice on content creation for employer brand content on social media
  • Tracking & Reporting

The success of our clients speaks for itself.

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    Optimisation of the digital job application process and a convincing employer brand presence

    Employer brand in a new light: Clear messages, new imagery and a more effective and more utilised digital application process
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  • Lagermax

    How to find the best candidates today: Via social media targeting and digital job posts

Are you prepared to take an active approach to developing an authentic employer brand? We look forward to helping you.