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Define website goals, measure success, and learn to improve: The benefits of using web analytics and tracking are often overlooked. We show you the best ways to analyse website usage and use your data effectively.

Einsicht in das Tracking und die Analyse einer Website

What's a digital marketing strategy without evaluation? Realistic goals and well-managed tracking are the secrets to success.

Susanne Baureis
Senior Digital Project Manager
Darstellung der Kennzahlen im Online-Marketing

Evaluating success in digital marketing

How often is the PDF downloaded? What's the conversion rate? The success of online marketing activities can be clearly quantified. In fact, observation and evaluation of performance indicators enable you to devise your next steps.

Web Analytics & Tracking References


Implementation of Matomo eCommerce tracking for Riedel's global platform as well as for the clients Spiegelau & Nachtmann.
Darstellung der Bründl Website in verschiedenen Bildschirmauflösungen


eCommerce tracking with Google Analytics 4 for Bründl Sports' international rental platform as well as brand and performance campaigns


Development of a tracking concept, implementation of advanced tracking, basic optimization for search engines, launch management, and implementation of brand and performance campaigns

Web analysis & tracking – Our services

ROI, KPI, CTR: We are about more than just abbreviations. Casting an analytical eye over all your data allows our experts to boost success in the following areas.

  • Individual tracking concept

    The basis for professional web analytics: We help you define quantifiable goals and conversions.

  • Implementing a web analytics tool

    Sometimes it's not enough just to be connected up: We install the specific tools you need for measuring success on your website.

  • E-commerce tracking

    Use our experience in e-commerce to achieve complex objectives and metrics.

  • Interactive reporting

    Do you need easily understandable visualisations of your data? Interactive and fully customisable dashboards provide the ideal solution.

  • Data analysis & recommendations

    Do you want more from your website? We analyse specific areas and recommend logical next steps.

  • Training & workshops

    Ideal for agreeing on goals, developing strategy and providing a factual basis for staff.

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