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Defining, measuring and learning from website goals: the use of web analytics and tracking often offers hidden opportunities. As a web analytics agency, we go beyond setting up targeted website tracking. We guide you through the entire web analysis process and open up ways for you to utilise your data effectively and profitably.

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Optimisation through precise performance measurement in digital marketing.

The digital world offers unique opportunities to quantify the success of your marketing strategies - from the number of PDF downloads and contact forms sent to the conversion rate. But collecting this data is only the first step. By carefully monitoring and analysing your key figures, you can gain valuable insights that enable you to take targeted optimisation measures and continuously refine your marketing activities.

Web Analytics & Tracking References


Implementation of Matomo eCommerce tracking for Riedel's global platform as well as for the clients Spiegelau & Nachtmann.
Darstellung der Bründl Website in verschiedenen Bildschirmauflösungen


eCommerce tracking with Google Analytics 4 for Bründl Sports' international rental platform as well as brand and performance campaigns


Development of a tracking concept, implementation of advanced tracking, basic optimization for search engines, launch management, and implementation of brand and performance campaigns

What's a digital marketing strategy without evaluation? Realistic goals and well-managed tracking are the secrets to success.

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Susanne Baureis
Senior Digital Project Manager


Web analysis tools for targeted success monitoring and optimisation.

We rely on advanced web analytics tools that are perfectly tailored to your specific requirements. Our priority as a web analytics and tracking agency is fast turnaround, relying on established standards of usability. This is complemented by a strong focus on performance and search engine optimisation to ensure that your digital platforms are efficient and profitable.

Google Analytics offers a comprehensive and user-friendly analytics platform that provides deep insights into user behaviour, supported by strong integration with other Google services.

Adobe Analytics is characterised by its advanced segmentation and visualisation functions, which enable companies to gain detailed customer insights for personalised marketing strategies.

Matomo Analytics offers a privacy-friendly alternative to other analytics tools with complete data control and customisability, ideal for organisations that value privacy and autonomy.

Our Services

Customised web analytics & tracking: Unleash your digital potential.

With a strategic and holistic approach, our web tracking specialists will help you achieve real results in these key areas and take your online offering to the next level.

  • Individual tracking concept

    We go beyond the basics by helping you to precisely define measurable goals and conversion paths. Our goal is to create a solid foundation for your data-driven decision making.

  • Implementing a web analytics tool

    Standard solutions are often not enough to fulfil the specific requirements of your website. We ensure a technically flawless integration that enables precise data collection and analysis.

  • E-commerce tracking

    Our in-depth understanding of e-commerce systems enables us to define specific metrics and targets that support and optimise your sales strategy.

  • Interactive reporting

    Make your data more accessible with customised, interactive dashboards. These enable intuitive visualisation and are fully customisable to your needs.

  • Data analysis & recommendations

    Use our expertise to gain deeper insights into your web performance. We carefully analyse your data and offer you targeted recommendations to optimise your online offering.

  • Training & workshops

    We offer training courses and workshops tailored to your level of knowledge, aimed at effective target definition, strategy development and the development of internal expertise.

Client-Side vs. Server-Side Tagging (Tracking)

Server-side tracking

In contrast to client-side tracking, server-side tracking sends data to your own server instead of directly to external providers (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn or web analytics services). This server then takes on the task of checking the data and forwarding it to the respective external providers. This centralises the data traffic on the server, which offers a number of advantages: For example, server-side tracking is less susceptible to restrictions caused by browser-based limitations such as ad blockers and data can be collected more precisely. Rely on our expertise as an experienced tracking agency to gain a deeper, data-driven insight into your online performance.


Think ahead

Have you already backed up your data from Universal Analytics?

From 1 July 2024, Universal Analytics data will be irretrievably deleted. Many website operators are therefore asking themselves how their historical data can be backed up.

We will be happy to advise you on your tracking concept and web analysis.

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