Get up close to products with 3D, AR & VR

author: Benjamin Zehrfeldt

Beyond pictures and videos

2020 didn't just revolutionise the way we work; it completely upended our marketing strategies. Trade fairs and major events were cancelled, marketing budgets had to be replanned. More than ever before, companies realised: We need more than a digital catalogue or a video to make potential customers understand complex functions and benefits.

Digital technologies like 3D, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can help us to showcase products in new ways, and as more emotionally tangible experiences.

The future of digital experience

Gain a competitive advantage!

By the end of 2021, 73% of e-commerce turnover will be done on mobile devices (source: statista 2019). Particularly in Augmented Reality (AR) this has led to numerous application opportunities and potential. An IDC study predicts the degree to which 3D, VR and AR can be expected to become everyday features, and forecasts total growth of up to 135% over the next three years (source: IDC 2019).

Seamless customer experiences

Seamless digital experiences

One of the key reasons for using mixed reality:  Google, Apple and other major businesses are pushing technologies that facilitate immersive experiences. They already work on almost all devices and browsers. So now, 3D, AR and VR can be hooked up seamlessly to your website or web shop without medium-to-medium jumps.

Benefits & opportunities

The opportunities provided by 3D, VR and AR on digital touchpoints

  • Create product experiences

    Product features can be tried out live and presented in AR or VR in a way that would not otherwise be possible. This speeds up the decision to buy with a more precise product experience.

  • 2D or 3D product configuration

    The opportunity to configure products makes them unique and generates a greater sense of involvement. A 2D or 3D digital configurator can also be used in a sales consultation.

  • Display live data interactively

    Product information is displayed in a live data stream in VR or AR. Interact with digital objects and experience a new reality via a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Virtual expo booth or showroom

    Design a digital tour of your entire product portfolio to give customers a realistic look at your products - without having to be there on site.

  • Unique content on social media

    Creative AR, VR and 3D link-ups to social media increase brand awareness and user interaction. Exciting content is also enthusiastically shared.

  • Improve conversion rates & reduce return rates

    According to the following study, using 3D and AR shopping can as-much-as double conversion rates for certain products, reduce returns by up to 40% and significantly reduce the bounce rate. (Quelle: Shopify)

Technology for today and tomorrow

The expansion of the 5G network will further increase opportunities for AR, VR and 3D. Greater bandwidth means better quality with much shorter loading times. Immersive technologies are increasingly becoming core functions for the latest generations of smartphones and tablets. In social networks AR ads and 3D filtres are being deployed more and more. 

Factors for success

Immersive marketing – Are there already inspiring approaches?

Interior design, cars or spectacles & jewellery – completely regardless of whether you're addressing B2B or B2C clients - there are some sectors that are perfectly suited for the use of immersive product experiences. Our experience and best practices show there have been particularly successful concepts in the following sectors and areas of use.

Build rockets without rocket science

Generating 3D models and configurators doesn't have to be expensive. There are already numerous digital options and tools on the market that produce very good results. The road to immersive product presentation is no longer long, even without 3D data. We advise and support you in compiling content, and devise 3D configurators - linking them seamlessly with your core applications.

This example was achieved with sketchfab. It shows a large machine made by Untha, and also displays a variety of functions as animations and a complex range of live sensor data. 

Try our prototype - here!

Ready for the next level?

How would you like to showcase your product? With a 3D configurator and AR application, or a virtual expo booth?