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Accessibility reaches the next level: why you should act now

Do you know how many users on average would like to use services on your website but are currently unable to do so due to physical or situational restrictions

According to Statistik Austria, around 1.7 million people in Austria alone live with permanent or temporary impairments. This could be a slight visual impairment, which makes it difficult to read texts with poor color contrast, or the immense volume on public transport, which makes the sound of a video inaudible.


The European Accessibility Act (EAA), which will apply throughout the EU from June 2025, will provide these people with greater legal support.

Are you prepared for this?

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A better digital future

Web accessibility affects us all

Accessibility on the web has become increasingly present in recent years. Weak color contrasts, font sizes that are too small or cumbersome operation of store filters – all these points not only diminish the general experience, but also create a real barrier for users who are temporarily or permanently physically impaired.

Therefore, our goal at pixelart is to consistently improve accessibility in the digital sector. We see it as a matter of course to consider and implement accessibility in our digital projects right from the start.

A short guide to digital accessibility

The accessibility of web content can be measured in three different gradations, known as levels, which are defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

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    Level A

    The lowest level offers basic accessibility. Websites must at least meet these requirements to be considered accessible.

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    Level AA

    Extended accessibility. This level removes most barriers to accessing web content and will be mandatory for many digital services from June 2025.

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    Level AAA

    This is the highest standard and offers excellent accessibility. This level is the most stringent and contains the most comprehensive accessibility features.

Each of these levels contains an extensive catalog of measures. Using these measures, developers, designers and editors can optimize their content so that it can be used by all people, regardless of their physical or sensory abilities.

Depending on the industry and the purpose of the online presence, certain levels are even mandatory.

Act now

What the European Accessibility Act means for your online presence

The European Accessibility Act (EAA), which comes into force on June 28, 2025, applies in particular to websites that provide commercial offers that can be booked and paid for. Websites with the option of making contact or searching for a retailer should also be examined more closely.

The online presences concerned must at least comply with the criteria of WCAG 2.2 Level AA. These criteria are also supported by the EU-Norm EN 301 549

Pure presentation sites, such as blogs, are not normally covered by the law, unless they are part of an online store. If in doubt, you can be on the safe side by seeking advice in advance.

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Optimize your website for everyone. We will be happy to advise you on accessibility.

Accessibility is more than a legal requirement – it's an opportunity to make the web accessible to all users. It's about not setting limits on who can and cannot use your digital services.

Kathrin Kaufleitner
Lead Web Developer & Certified WebAccessibility Expert

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Have your website checked for accessibility.

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    We create a comprehensive catalog of measures for you to ensure accessibility in accordance with WCAG 2.2 Level AA.

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    We offer you and your editors specific content training courses based on the relevant measures.

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    Based on the catalog of measures, we will be happy to prepare an offer for any technical implementations.

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Kathrin Kaufleitner, Certified WebAccessibility Expert

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Through early consultation and targeted measures, we ensure that the digital future is accessible and barrier-free for everyone. In this way, we enable genuine participation and create an inclusive digital world for everyone.