Next generation automotive interface

author: Benjamin Zehrfeldt

Autonomous driving will fundamentally change the way we travel in automobiles. Passengers will enjoy a fully-digitalised experience that can shift seamlessly between passive and active drive modes.

Several screens, a variety of user interfaces and a mixture of digital, analogue and physical-hybrid controls and gesture sensors all make it unnecessarily complicated to exploit the functionality of some cars.

Mivon's vision is a flexible, standardised, adaptable and modular user interface that can be installed in almost all types of vehicles:

The Multiform UI.

Things we know work intuitively, so it makes sense to make controlling functions in a car as simple as smartphone apps.

Porträtfoto von Ben Zehrfeldt
Benjamin Zehrfeldt
Creative Lead

Augmented reality driving

The variable head-up display projects all driver-relevant info into the driver's field of vision. An extremely broad field of vision facilitates almost complete representation of the surroundings in Augmented Reality.

Absolute simplicity. A single central display.

The main difference to conventional cars is that there's no screen behind the steering wheel. Why not? It's not necesseary. In 'autonomous drive mode' passengers share a central dashboard screen, like a home entertainment system. In active control, the driver has all relevant information on a heads-up display.

Entertainment always on

Automobiles are now becoming entertainment centres, places to watch your favourite series or the latest films, to use entertaining apps or gaming functions: The dashboard can be a central entertainment hub in autonomous drive mode.


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