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Hybrid workspace: What makes working in a team and with our customers so effective.

Hybrid workspace: What makes working in a team and with our customers so effective.

Which working mode produces the best project results, allows our team maximum flexibility and makes us such a desirable employer? We have found our own answers.

Our solution

Self-reliance, trust and honest discussions reflect our key values. Since January 2020 we have operated without core working hours and all overtime is paid. Working from home is an approach built into the way we work and developed with our teams. An internal questionnaire revealed individual requirements and challenges faced, and our teams were also encouraged to work on finding the ideal solution.

In April 2021 the results led to the liberalisation of our 'Working-from-home guidelines'.



The pixelart way to work: Hybrid, flexible, independent.

At pixelart we implement a hybrid work model, believing in an intelligent balance between fully remote work and physical presence in the agency. What constitutes the ideal combination is an individual choice, facilitating periods of concentrated work to be enhanced by effective personal interaction with colleagues and customers. Hybrid work patterns enable the combination of your private workspace with that of your team for the best possible project results.

Homebase pixelart Office. We believe in the power of personal interaction. In our experience, the best digital solutions are generated in close dialogues. Extended periods of working fully remotely and/or alone at home don’t always produce the right results. Regular person-to-person discussion is vital, so the pixelart office is still the best place to put your heads together.

I value our approach to work because I can be flexible in choosing the best working environment for each week's tasks. That can be the chance to focus while working from home, or to bounce around ideas and decisions with colleagues in the office.

Ruth Aspetsberger
Digital Project Manager

Hybrid work relies on mutual trust and willingness to accept responsibility. Resolving the issues of working from home and introducing new tools were just the start. It's an evolutionary process within our corporate culture toward autonomous team structures.

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Self-organised teams

Each team offers an interdisciplinary mix of skills and has the freedom to determine how its members can best cooperate. Teams operate autonomously to guarantee availabilty, plan holidays, schedule project tasks and invoice customers.

Digital Studio Equipment

Remote business

Our customers are built into digital activities and have access to our tools, such as Jira, Confluence and Slack. Since last year we have been using Miro to hold virtual workshops, shortening project times and increasing effectiveness.

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Offices as spaces for social interaction

The powerful ventilation system and high ceilings of our office building provide ideal, safe and secure working conditions. We are constantly optimising our facilities and equipment to ensure efficient collaboration and social interaction. Our offices are morphing from workplaces to spaces for interaction.

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Recruiting and onboarding

Now, our applicants come from much farther afield. Initial ice-breaker meetings are almost all conducted in the virtual realm. Onboarding involves an intensive phase on site to help new colleagues build up useful networks very quickly.


New work requires a value-orientated environment, and a new attitude to work and the people who define it. A stable culture of mutual trust is the key.

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