The internet of me – Rethinking privacy

author: Bernhard Hochrainer
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As website operators we've been collecting more data than we could ever process for too long. Now it's time to take a step backwards.

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Bernhard Hochrainer
Senior Digital Strategist

The internet of me

First step: Privacy by design

Privacy by design means integrating data protection into creative processes for digital media in such a way as to ensure everything relevant to data protection is already built in, and has been considered and implemented right from the start - and not simply built in later.

There are two major rules here:

  1. In the future, protection of the visitor's private sphere must be built into the concept for every website and seen as a key recurring issue, if that's not already the case.
  2. The pay-with-your-data principle involving services built into the website that provide certain functions in exchange for the provision of information, should be reduced or be replaced with other solutions
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Privacy settings on high

Increasingly, the questionable use of technologies by ad services & tech giants has attracted the attention of the general public. Many people want to know what their data are used for, seeing as they are considered to be so incredibly valuable. They ob­viously want to take back control. That's an essential part of 'The internet of me' - the opportunity to make my own decisions about how and which data are collected.

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Privacy by default

For us, the website operators, data collection must be done in a disciplined way as to ensure the user is always given priority, without expecting them to invest any effort - and, if they trust the website, is able to provide more information voluntarily. This is also known as the 'Privacy by default' approach.

"Modern data protection from the perspective of the website visitor requires transparency, a minimum of effort, complete control and good content that can be exchanged for data consciously and voluntarily."

Porträtfoto von Bernhard Hochrainer
Bernhard Hochrainer
Senior Digital Strategist

6 important questions from the corporate point of view!

Is all this legal?
What data am I currently collecting?
Are these data still valid?
What's changing for me in digital marketing?
How can I raise approval ratings?
Is privacy a recurring issue for us?

These are all issues that should be dealt with now. Otherwise, whether immediately or over time, they may lead to a loss of data, trust or even strategies. 

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