The emotional UI: How animations & 3D are revolutionizing the user experience

author: Benjamin Zehrfeldt

The challenge

Surfaces and screens are often very plain; they require a high level of cognitive attention and are not very visually appealing. However, function is no longer the only decisive factor: natural, simple and logical operation is just as important as an emotional and entertaining user experience.


The emotional user interface

Our vision are flexible and modular user interfaces; whose design systems are equally goal-oriented and entertaining. The NUI (Natural User Interface) becomes the EUI (Emotional User Interface). Clear design, fluid animations and supporting 3D content will leave a lasting mark on future digital products.


We are enthusiastic about the simplicity of current mobile apps and believe that, for example, heating controls or vehicle interfaces can also benefit greatly from them. The EUI revolution will take all areas to a new level.

Porträtfoto von Ben Zehrfeldt
Benjamin Zehrfeldt
Creative Lead

4 propositions for more emotional interfaces:

#1 ease of use

Easy and effortless

Soft, flowing movements come closest to the human feeling of harmony. UX animations can sustainably enhance the user experience and significantly increase the acceptance of digital products.

#2 neomorphism

Sensing and recognising interaction

Reduced and minimalist, yet clearly recognisable forms with a certain plasticity. Logical behaviour with subtle but clear tactile feedback.


#3 playful interaction

Supporting visualisations

Subtle animations and effects bring the experience to life. Interfaces are never still, they are constantly communicating with us. The more diverse and direct the interface states are, the more natural we feel the interaction.


#4 3D content

Real representations

Powerful displays and systems now allow real-time 3D representations in high quality. This allows data from sensors to be transferred into an animated driving cycle, for example, which further enhances the user experience and product acceptance.


The PX UI/UX Lab

At pixelart, we not only work and develop websites, digital platforms and software solutions, but also product interfaces for a wide range of industries and sectors. We are constantly testing new solutions and concepts in the industrial sector; for example, machine controls, POS displays and automotive dashboards.


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