6 reasons why you should begin to test the usability of your digital project!

author: Johanna Winkler
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Do you ask yourself how you can improve the conversion rates and overall success of your e-commerce projects, webportals and digital platforms? Do your customers ask the same questions again and again? Does user feedback suggest it's not always easy to navigate and use the website?

Johanna Waldmann
Senior Digital Strategist
Mitarbeiter testen im Team eine Website

Better customer experience strategy

This is precisely where usability testing can indicate concrete options to make your digital project more successful, improve performance and enhance the user's digital customer experience. We've compiled a whitepaper that details the 6 most important reasons in favour of usability testing.

How we do it

We've already successfully conducted numerous usability tests for major clients such as RIEDEL Glas, HERVIS and PORR AG, improving performance in every case. It would be our pleasure to help you identify user experience problems and enhance your digital project.

Download  This whitepaper explains more about the following:

  • What exactly is usability testing?
  • Why should I invest in testing?
  • What results can I expect from a Usability Testing Report as a website operator?
  • How is usability testing done and what output can I expect?
  • Real-life examples from customers

Usability whitepaper

Download free whitepaper