Tradition meets avant-garde. A variable design system that plays all the pieces.

Tradition meets avant-garde. A variable design system that plays all the pieces.

Best in Family Banking - now also digitally. Bankhaus Spängler's new online presence combines the tradition of the family business with the demands of today's users. Based on a customised concept, the unique design system and the high-quality content create a trusting user experience.



"You have your family, you choose your bank". In order to be the first choice for financial topics online, the digital identity of the Bankhaus Spängler brand is noticeable and visible at all digital touchpoints. The focus is always on the highest quality in all areas and an optimal advisory experience.


About Bankhaus Spängler

The history of Bankhaus Spängler is characterised by visionaries and rebels. It tells of virtues and values that are passed on from generation to generation. Decency and moderation have enabled the bank to survive crises and wars since its foundation in 1828.

As Austria's oldest private bank and a family business, Bankhaus Spängler is characterised by two things: a stable ownership structure and independence in practice. The renowned bank embodies tradition and modernity in equal measure. Decency, trust and an active dialogue characterise the relationship with clients.  

  • Digital Art Direction

    A unique design is at the heart of the new online presence. It is not only reflected in the website, but was also adapted for the social media designs and motion guidelines. Bold typographic elements, generous white space and colourful accents allow the Bankhaus Spängler brand to shine digitally as well.

  • Experience Consulting

    How is a trusting advisory experience created online? Together with Bankhaus Spängler, we asked ourselves this question and developed a corresponding concept based on a clear mission. Our result: The best advisory experience needs a clear design and transparent content.

  • Development

    The technical implementation of the design in the frontend was the focus of the project. A powerful CMS in the form of TYPO3 is therefore the ideal basis for Bankhaus Spängler's corporate website. Details such as micro interactions, extraordinary animations and smart hover effects create a special user experience.

Best im Family Banking

"Because sometimes in life you can expect a little more." We not only developed a new website, but also took the entire online presence to a new level. Bankhaus Spängler's new design system combines traditional and avant-garde elements. Representative features and historical details are harmoniously integrated. The combination of high-quality content and an ideally coordinated colour scheme perfectly round off the user experience.


Spängler Online

The new website skilfully combines digital with historical features. In the process, every detail of the design system fulfils a specific role. The red dot is a recurring element on the new website. It functions as a click trigger and thus serves as an orientation point for the user. At the same time, it stands for liveliness and directs the focus to the dynamic elements.


Interaction Experience

A special highlight is the intuitive navigator, which accompanies the user as a sticky element through the entire website. Depending on the user's needs, this takes them directly to the appropriate detail page. This innovative type of targeted user guidance and the simple usability improve the user experience. This also creates a unique digital advisory experience.


Next Level Consulting

Hardly anything requires as much trust as dealing with finances. Competence and emotion play an important role here. Both are generated by a human component. To ensure that the development of the customer relationship begins online, the people behind Bankhaus Spängler are introduced on the new corporate website. In order not to overwhelm the user with the abundance of content, background information and vitas are made accessible via an overlay.


Numbers and Infographics

The design of infographics and the presentation of price trends and figures were also adapted. A playful approach was taken. Interactive graphics, large numbers and an additional colour palette make it possible to make complex content more understandable for the user.


pixelart - a digital agency through and through. They have taken us to the next level conceptually, graphically and technically in the digital space.

Robert Koch
Marketing Manager, Bankhaus Spängler


The topic of finance requires a high degree of competence, intuition and a trusting partnership at eye level. Bankhaus Spängler combines all three components under one roof and is therefore the first point of contact for many well-known clients when it comes to financial issues. With the same level of competence, flair and successful cooperation at eye level, we have raised Bankhaus Spängler's online presence to a new level and created a unique advisory experience.


Excellent & worth seeing.

  • Annual Multimedia Award 2023

    Annual Multimedia Award 2023

    Silver in the category Website & Microsite

Digital Evolution

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