Blaues 3D Rendering von Lignoloc, welches ein Produkt von Beck ist.

Connections that inspire - a digital touchpoint for more than 30,000 products.

Connections that inspire - a digital touchpoint for more than 30,000 products.

Based on an all-new concept, not only the digital brand presence of BECK was raised to a new level. The relaunch also marked an important milestone on the road to digital transformation for the entire company.

about beck

BECK is considered as a pioneer in the fastening technology. Based in Mauerkirchen (Upper Austria), BECK is known worldwide for high-end quality as well as perfectly customized solutions. The product range includes fasteners, tools and accessories. Their vision: Creating connections, shaping the future and making a powerful statement for a better and greener world.



project pillars

  • Digital Transformation

    Based on the new brand strategy as well as the new corporate design a sustainable and long-term digital roadmap was created. The relaunch was the first major milestone and further projects will follow.

  • Concept & Strategy

    The previously small-scale website landscape was merged into two websites as part of a new domain strategy. The new concept offers plenty of space for the presentation of products and brands. It also creates space for insights into the company.

  • Setup Pimcore

    Pimcore is the ideal technology for digital game changers like BECK. A multi-client solution with a shared PIM system allows editors to easily manage all content and thus forms the perfect technological basis for the new web presence.

Digital Roadmap

A successful digital project requires a forward-looking and clearly defined strategy. That's why we created a digital roadmap which fits the goals and vision of BECK perfectly well. In a joint process, tasks were defined, the initial situation was analyzed, and solutions and a roadmap for implementation were developed.


Digital Transformation

Just as BECK always is a pioneer in fastening technology, the digital presence was also intended to underpin the company's pioneering role. Digitalization has already found its way into many of the company's processes and is now also being applied to communication. With the new website, however, BECK goes one step further than the classic product presentation and offers stronger insights into the values of the company, the highly lived innovation culture and much more.


Die Webseite ist auf iPhones zu sehen.

pimcore platform solution

Pimcore was chosen as the technological basis. In a central backend, the two new websites are controlled via a multi-client solution. A common PIM system with connection to the ERP system of BECK facilitates an organized and at the same time flexible management of more than 30,000 products. Master Data Management (MDM) and a Digital Experience Platform (DXP/CMS) harmonize and consolidate the variety of data.

Infographic about the website structures and hierachies.

content recreation

A big part of the digitalization was also the revision and redesign of the content. In a joint workshop, we defined visions and goals and discussed suitable and contemporary content for the new website. Based on the results, we provided BECK with the necessary know-how and tools to independently create the content by means of a hands-on process.

visual highlights

Selective highlight content such as animated product headers or 3D close-ups round-up the newly created content. These elements underline the innovative character of the company and form visual points of attraction for users.

The interaction of modern web design and the PIM functionality of Pimcore has not only lifted our digital brand presence and the presentation of the products to a whole new level, but has also given us a perfect tool to present our content in a contemporary way and to adapt it independently, quickly and with maximum flexibility to the information needs of our customers.

Bild frontal von vorne von Michaela Beck.
Michaela Beck
Director Marketing/PR
Viele Produkte auf einem Blick, die Darstellung der Produktübersicht der Webseite.

Digital Transformation

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