New dimensions in the machine park – Digitalisation maximises productivity

New dimensions in the machine park – Digitalisation maximises productivity

MyUNTHA is the company's IoT platform. Sophisticated sensor technology ensures worldwide interaction with the shredders and realtime visualisation.

Our mission: Every day, more than 600,000 data points are processed and presented clearly for end-users. UNTHA is now a digitalisation pioneer in the world of size reduction technology.

What is now possible with the MyUNTHA customer portal?

  • Boosting productivity

    This platform enables machine workloads to be increased and throughput rates to be raised.

  • High system availability

    Unexpected downtime can be reduced and problems can be reacted to rapidly. Repair and maintenance schedules can be planned very accurately.

  • Maximum transparency

    Users enjoy complete realtime data transparency with user-friendly data visualisation. The latest statistics and analyses are accessible at all times.

  • Cost reduction

    The costs of energy and maintenance work are reduced. The customer portal helps to minimise outgoings on staff and admin.

  • Correction when limits are exceeded

    MyUNTHA facilitates the constant monitoring of predefined values. If performance falls too far, a status report is automatically issued via e-mail or SMS.

The MyUNTHA customer portal and the website provide a digital world that gives customers a completely new dimension of access to the product.

How does the customer portal improve everyday work with the machines?

MyUNTHA provides customers with completely transparent 24/7 status reporting on their shredders. If a machine fails, automatic messaging ensures a rapid reaction. 

Depending on who's responsible, relevant data is sent to the respective employees: the operator, operational manager and purchasing manager mit den .

We developed our intelligent assistence system to ensure customers are constantly updated on the operational status of their shredders. The MyUNTHA customer portal provides all data in black and white. Sensors within each machine deliver relevant data to the customer portal to process and forward them to the respective employees.

Robert Diosi
Product Management

State-of-the-art technology

A future-proof technical set-up guarantees the customer portal can offer premium performance and scalability, with no limits to the functionality that can be added. 

Data form the core of the customer portal. That's why each shredder is permanently hooked up to the Cloud via an Edge Device built in by UNTHA. This streams the data to the customer portal. Simple, clearly-structured data makes information comprehenible and accessible for the user.

We use several AWS services to process and correctly visualise the data, and to deploy the very latest serverless technologies.

AWS Cognito manages the user authentication, while Lambda fuctions react to pre-defined events and call up data from AWS DynamoDBD3.js is used to visualise information in the form of clearly-structured charts, and complemented with relevant content from Headless CMS Contentful. 

Netlify guarantees efficient hosting and automated deployment on the serverless platform. 

Modular use of AWS Cloud Services provides supreme scalability and expansion potential within the new customer portal. 

Headless CMS Contentful allows content such as video tutorials and teasers to be distributed on the platform via chosen interfaces.  

Our approach: Aesthetically pleasing presentation of products and the selective use of 3D and animation enable these gigantic machines to step into the spotlight. 

A shared vision for the future

This is just the beginning. The more data shredders stream to the Cloud, the more conclusions can be reached. Predicting part failures and wear will enable us to order the necessary spare parts from the planned online shop, before they fail. When parts and machines break down, an automated support ticket system will message the UNTHA service department. There are almost no limits to what the MyUNTHA customer portal can do.

Your digital future

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