Digital excellence meets expertise in tourism

Digital excellence meets expertise in tourism

The tourist industry is as diverse as the digital world itself. We accompany feratel all the way from initial planning to the ultimate stay – and do much more, too.

Target group: Everyone!

There are several stakeholders along the traveller's user journey. Doing them all justice and creating added value for everyone is the major challenge posed for tourism professionals.

  • Before you travel

    Some like to plan, others are spontaneous, but everybody loves to browse. The place travellers seek their inspiration is the starting point for our solutions. This also enables regions and hotels to offer added value and extra room for excellence.

  • During your stay

    The perfect holiday runs smoothly, offers special experiences and leaves the guest with a sense of fulfilment. Products need to inspire, be sharable and easy for destinations and hotels to use.

  • After the holiday

    The time after a trip is when memories and experiences are still fresh in the mind. The right actions can boost an individual's rebooking activity and open doors to his/her entire social network.

Perfect experiences begin with tiny details. Easy booking procedures, the feeling of being cared for and receiving goodies before departure. For us, the first step is agreement on a joint concept.

The concept and design agreed for the feratel booking platform TOSC & Experiences is the result of initial considerations. The Personal Interests Assistant (PIA) rounds off the customer journey.

The agreed concept and subsequent design of feratel's TOSC and Experiences bring together ideas, a wealth of experience and numerous industry experts. The goal is always to display the right information at exactly the time it is required. This ensures intuitive handling and results in enhanced conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

What happens after booking?

Even after booking, guests want to plan, gather information and inspiration . Destinations, regions and hotels need low-maintenance products. feratel Personal Interests Assistant (PIA). provides the solution.

Deliver customised information exactly when it's required, 24/7 - all from a single source. PIA was devised and designed in collaboration with feratel to provide guests with exactly the information they require, at any time before or during their trip - for trip planning purposes and as a direct channel of communication with their accommodators. It can become the ever-ready traveller's companion - on the computer at home, on the cellphone, at the desk at the destination or as an info screen in the hotel room.

Kiosk terminals for domestic guests and daytime visitors - info screens for hotel rooms

There's even more! It can be adapted to every region's or hotelier's requirements. Customising for hotels or regions with automatic data enrichment does not entail any maintenance, and gives tourism managers more time for the really important things.

Customer retention

The trip's over - it's time to book again. PIA enables guests to book even after the holiday's over- to check out itineraries, talk to regional and hotel reps, and enjoy the perfect holiday.

Concentrated added value from a single source

Regions, activities, routes & tours, POIs, hotel services, discout card services, weather info and more can be called up for any day of the holiday, and be planned and booked prior to departure.

PIA combines digital and tech expertise with service, sales and design excellence. The Personal Interests Assistant ensures guests and host enjoy the greatest possible benefits. Collaboration with pixelart is great too; professional and on an equal footing.

Thomas Angerer
Prokurist, Vertrieb und Produktmanagement feratel

Success through partnership

The successful partnership with feratel was achieved with an excellent collaboration of interdisciplinary expertise and years of experience, creating uniquely sophisticated and beneficial products.

Award-winning & worth seeing

  • eAward 2020

    Award for the Personal Interests Assistant in the category: Commerce and Tourism