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A holistic approach to the digital experience

A holistic approach to the digital experience

The PORR Group is a modern, internationally-active construction business that shows its pioneering spirit every day; in its approach to building, and in digital brand communication.

Our mission: Support PORR en route to becoming a digital pioneer in the construction industry.

  • Digital strategy

    From A to Z - from needs to goals: A strategy that accesses all channels facilitates a fully-integrated communications mix; and sustained success.

  • Knowledge, tools & workshops

    Learn from each other and develop new ideas: Successful collaboration comes from productive and creative interaction.

  • SEO & content

    Fascinating and findable content: The perfect interplay between search engine optimisation and multimedia content.

  • Campaigns

    LinkedIn, Google and Youtube: Campaign planning for PORR involves agreeing on exactly the right marketing activities in precisely the right constellation - and on implementing them ideally.

  • Social media

    International social media communication is about more than just the right set-up. Guidelines for internal and external comms guarantee sustainable success.

  • Digital products

    Digital marketing goals define the digital products created for PORR, and generate new ones like the construction sector's first ever specialist digital magazine.

New channels, trends and technologies: We never lose sight of what's essential on a digital journey. We are working with PORR to create a seamless digital experience – across all touchpoints.

Source: PORR - 150 Years (film).
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Analysis & strategy – The foundations for all subsequent measures

Who should digital communication address? What does the target group expect? These questions and many others were central issues as we began cooperating. Answers were provided by audits and analyses, focus group questionnaires and numerous other tools. The result was a well-founded digital communicationstrategy for the PORR brandin all fields and across all channels. This involved developing an international SEO and domain concept and an international Social Media strategy.

Darstellung der PORR Website in verschiedenen Bildschirmauflösungen

The best ideas are a joint effort…

This conviction allows us to develop strategies and creative ideas, especially with our customers. That's true for PORR, too. Every single workshop, creative hack session, training group and brainstorming meeting brought us closer to our shared goals. The multiplicity of ideas soon showed us where the road would lead. Important milestones along the way were the digitisation of the industry magazine "World of PORR", a jubilee campaign to mark "150 Years of PORR", and the multimedia implementation of new ideas for content and storytelling.



Bilder gemeinsamer Workshops zur Ideengenerierung

Supreme content marketing: The digital industry magazine "World of PORR" is raising the bar for the construction industry. It combines branding, knowledge, inspiration and interaction, and enables new target groups to be accessed. High-profile digital marketing campaigns are just some of the highlights on the PORR project list.

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Building projects all over the world, and PORR's corporate values, play a key role in the international campaign celebrating "150 Years of PORR". The target group is accessed on its search for solutions and inspiration: In industry portals, on LinkedIn, Youtube and on thematically relevant sites in the Google Display Netzwerk. The message remains the same: We build the future.

Mitarbeiterin der PORR mit Helm

Over 20,000 PORR employees worldwide take a proactive role in developing the construction industry of tomorrow. It's also important for digital communication to address important multipliers in the internal target group. 

Digital marketing - Seizing chances together

By cooperating in all digital marketing disciplines we constantly discover synergies and new potential - be it SEO & content, social media or Google Advertising: As your partner for all of these fields, we have a detailed 'roadmap' and can see the bigger picture. A multichannel communications strategy is just as important as open dialogue between the individual disciplines. New content potential can be identified via SEO analyses, cross-channel campaigns and by using exciting content presentation modi such as motion graphics and info graphics.

150 Jahre PORR Jubiläumskampagne am Smartphone

PORR & pixelart – Mutual respect and shared success

A decisive factor required to reach these milestones has been the mutual trust and respect experienced in collaboration with PORR. This great partnership and the enthusiasm shown for the issues of digital branding and digital marketing have opened up numerous possibilities en route to becoming a digital pioneer within the construction industry. We are delighted to be supporting PORR and look forward to success in many joint projects to come.

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Startseite der World of PORR Website

Our vision for the future: Our holistic and strategic approach means we're not just digital pioneers in the building industry. Together we are taking the PORR brand to build a unique digital experience, across the entire range of touchpoints and serving all relevant target groups.

Outstanding & well worth seeing

An overview of PORR Group digital communication

  • Annual Multimedia Award 2020

    Silver in the category 'Websites' for the digital construction industry magazine "World of PORR"