Frau schenkt sich Rotwein in ein RIEDEL Weinglas ein

International e-commerce and multidimensional expansion.

International e-commerce and multidimensional expansion.

RIEDEL, a well-known luxury company with a 300-year history, specializes in the design and production of unique glasses and decanters specifically tailored to different grape varieties, offering wine lovers an unparalleled enjoyment experience.



We designed and implemented an e-commerce platform that sets new standards in its internationality and scalability. It serves the different dimensions of countries, languages, target groups, currencies and clients and sustainably strengthens the global presence of the luxury brand RIEDEL.


Highlight features of the e-commerce platform

  • Optimization of shopping cart conversions

    With the help of privacy-compliant email notifications, customers with open shopping carts are kindly reminded and reactivated after a predefined period of time. This ensures a higher conversion rate and effectively more orders.

  • Omnichannel sales via different marketplaces

    The e-commerce platform uses Channable to distribute product feeds to different marketplaces depending on the country and region. Orders from these marketplaces are centrally fed back into the platform and processed through the standard fulfillment process.

  • Central tax and payment handling

    In close cooperation with Adyen as payment provider and the cloud-based software Avalara, global payment and tax calculation is centralized and seamlessly integrated via interfaces. This ensures efficient management of taxes and payments.

  • Language, country and domain concept

    The distribution in almost 40 countries, 7 languages and the 2 additional brands SPIEGELAU and NACHTMANN required a comprehensive domain concept. This was implemented together with our SEO experts and rolled out step by step.

  • E-commerce tracking via Matomo

    The integration of Matomo as an analysis tool enables detailed recording of the user and purchasing behavior in e-commerce. Beforehand, a multi-layered tracking concept was created in order to obtain precise data.

  • Back-in-stock notifications

    Customer loyalty through proactive communication: By implementing back-in-stock notifications, RIEDEL customers receive a message as soon as their favorite product is available again.

Creative Challenge

The digital art of wine. The challenge was to transform the classical and traditional corporate design into an innovative, luxurious design language and to develop a sustainable design system. 

The result is a symbiosis of timeless, modern design and needs-oriented content, highlighted by a clear, elegant visual language. This gives the platform vitality and exclusivity.

Central content, product and campaign management

With an intuitive concept for content and campaigns, the central maintenance of content can be carried out by a team of over 15 editors worldwide. These editors can target content specifically for different countries in order to carry out targeted marketing campaigns and ensure an optimal customer approach.

The centralized management of the entire product range simplifies the updating of prices, stock levels and other product-related information and ensures consistent product presentation across all countries. Simultaneously, country-specific product restrictions can be flexibly made.

A strong technological basis for a sustainable operation & further development.

With commercetools as a true headless and API-first commerce platform, we can seamlessly interact with cloud services from AWS. This ensures that we can adapt performance to seasonally fluctuating workloads. The microservices-based architecture allows us to be fast and flexible in responding to new requirements.


Many functionalities are outsourced to individual AWS Serverless Services and can be customized, extended and deployed. Whether it is the individual product search, the shopping cart for B2C and B2B, the global tax handling, the event-based mail dispatch, the inventory management or numerous integrations to further third-party services for marketplaces –  all these services are decoupled from each other and yet connected to each other via commercetools as a reliable backbone.


For the implementation of the e-commerce platform, we use an international and diverse technology partner network. Magnolia DX as CMS is used to organize the frontends for the three clients RIEDEL, SPIEGELAU and NACHTMANN. In the backend, AWS Lambda, Dynamo DB, S3, SNS/SQS, Cloudfront, ECS and OpenSearch provide the necessary power and scalability.

Used technologies

A successful project is like a challenging sports event - sometimes challenging and exciting, but ultimately fulfilling and full of prideful moments. We met the challenging but realistic schedule, collaborated perfectly with our client contacts, and ultimately launched a successful e-commerce platform. This project opens doors to new opportunities. We are looking forward to future developments, which we will take on with passion and innovative spirit.

David Reichhartinger
Senior Digital Project Manager

Focus on internationality

The RIEDEL, SPIEGELAU and NACHTMANN platform serves nearly 40 countries on 4 continents in 7 languages and supports payments in 7 different currencies, corresponding to the global distribution of RIEDEL customers. The product range is segmented to meet the different needs of customer groups. End consumers, customers such as bars, restaurants and hotels as well as wholesalers are served with special conditions and targeted by individual promotions.



The multi-client platform includes not only RIEDEL, but also the SPIEGELAU and NACHTMANN brands. The technical basis is uniform, while the design of each brand has been adapted according to its corporate identity. The shared technical base offers numerous advantages in terms of operation that create synergies.


For the relaunch of RIEDEL's complete online marketing presence, we were looking for a partner who could handle the complexity of the distribution channels and a very special product. With pixelart we have found a partner who always faces our ideas and implements them in their uniqueness.

Rosita Leuprecht
Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

Find your perfect glass

Red wine, white wine, Riesling or Champagne: Do you know which is the best glass for which grape? The new wine glass guide helps you to choose the perfect glass.


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Multiple award-winning projects

  • Annual Multimedia Award 2020

    Gold in the category: Shop/E-commerce

  • Salzburger Landespreis

    Silver in the category: Websites

Our mission "The digital art of wine" embodies the combination of tradition and innovation in the digital world.

We are determined to develop the premium shopping experience and strive for new digital successes together with our customer.

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