Precise content for powerful benefits

Precise content for powerful benefits

The Raiffeisen Bank offers the ideal online experience for every target group - at all touchpoints. Regardless of age, rural or urban base - targeted content is presented in a vast range of formats to speak to every customer personally.

Our mission: Address existing and potential Raiffeisen customers with tailored content to convince them of the benefits of Raiffeisen community membership.

  • Content

    Pictures, videos, animation, graphics and copy... Content is more than can be seen at first glance. We arouse user interest with fascinating stories from within the Raiffeisen community and a wide variety of content.

  • Videos

    An image film website? A short video for social media channels? While creating a concept and producing a storyboard, we're already thinking of the many ways we can get the best and the most out of your film material.

  • Social media

    How do we reach the right users with the right message? Ongoing A/B testing, campaign tuning and a good blend of organic and paid content are a good way to round off your offering.

  • Campaign support

    Effective campaigns require more than perfect content. Early campaign planning, a clear strategy and professional implementation are the keys to achieving campaign goals.

  • Cooperation

    The keys to cooperative success are open communication, regular discussions - and courage. Together, we try new approaches that enable us to take projects to the next level and exploit their full potential.

  • Website

    Development of the existing website retains the uniform corporate look and feel. New page structures with theme-related sub-pages guarantee a needs-orientated user experience.

The Raiffeisen community uses a 'Local People' section to put the spotlight on people from federal state of Salzburg. Portraits, interviews and videos on the website and  digital campaigns tell of their ideas, pioneering spirit, families and their sense of solidarity.

These fascinating themes, amazing content and high-profile digital marketing campaigns allow us to access new target groups.

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Multiplicity of target groups

In order to cover the wide variety of customer needs, and to address all relevant users, we take advantage of target group-specific targeting and continuous campaign optimisation.

We already begin to consider ad formats, tonality and the style of the material to be used in the concept design phase to ensure a very diverse target group feels addressed by the content of the Raiffeisen community.

We use video and story formats to address younger target groups on Facebook and Instagram. Graphics and animation sequences present complex content simply and arouse user curiosity.

Tailored content

Dynamic and attractive design elements unite all content and bring together organic and paid content. The placement of ads on social media channels guarantees extra interest is shown by various target groups. When ideally placed, in a feed, as a story or an instant experience, content unleashes its full potential.

From an idea to the finished product

We collaborate closely with our partners to generate interesting video content. Whatever is required, we provide customers with video production expertise - from the concept to the storyboard, film-set accompaniment or adaptions to cuts and formats. This way Raiffeisen customers gain the attention they deserve.

Mutual cooperation based on trust, open communication and genuine commitment in all project phases are the keys to our success. We look forward to taking further brave and purposeful steps with pixelart.

Tamara Knapp
Marketing Raiffeisenverband Salzburg


We share the goal of continuous improvement, and telling stories that boost value. We are particularly interested in using target group-specific digital campaigns to convince young people of the benefits of their region, and of the strength of a community.