3D Darstellung einer Stadt

From an experimental project to a digital product

From an experimental project to a digital product

How can electrical circuit scenarios be simulated accurately? BIFROST provides simple, entry-level access to a complex issue. 

3D Stadt in der Nacht mit leuchtenden Lichtern


Develop a digital simulation tool based on the latest web technologies.

  • Simulation multiplayer mode

    Technical sophistication enables the global state to be calculated by Siemens using complex algorithms, and parsed in the frontend with React.

  • WebGL

    The world of BIFROST truly comes to life when using WebGL, a Javascript API, to render interactive 3D graphics.

  • UX

    The cleverly designed user experience ensures operating this very comprehensive simulation remains intuitive, and encourages users to try more options and functions.

Construction mode: Energy supply in a virtual city

Simulation of energy supply scenarios require the virtual simulation of a city. The tool allows the user to install 3D features such as residential housing, commercial facilities, roads and lakes etc. Powerlines and transformers can be added simply via drag & drop to ensure the energy supply remains intact.

Wohnhäuser aus Holz

Simulation: What happens when one factor changes?

Whether it's the weather, or an incident downtown causes a blip in the virtual city, the tool simulates the degree to which specific factors affect the power grid. A circular UI element enables the speed of the simulation to be adjusted.

Simulation des Stroms in einer Stadt in der Nacht

The challenge: Can you optimise the power grid in a virtual city?

Siemens Mitarbeiter beim Planen eines Stromnetzes

Voltage readings, power outputs, climactic­conditions... Professional power grid management can be a tough and complex challenge.

Haus mit Stromleitungen im Webgame von Siemens

BIFROST is a tool for Siemens employees, municipal planning officers, energy supply experts and all those who wish to build a virtual city. It's edutainment!

Dächer der Hochhäuser einer Stadt ragen aus Nebel hervor

Unique 3D design

Simplified yet powerful imagery. Emphasis was placed on modern, low-poly design to guarantee good usability and web performance. The tool generates strong brand awareness in Siemens's blue-green and grey corporate colours. The buildings and the element styling are absolutely distinctive, giving the user the opportunity to draft his/her own idealised municipal environment.

Stadt in 3D Low-Poly-Design

Complex state-of-the-art technological developments can only be achieved by a comprehensive mix of top specialists. pixelart is helping us to identify the limits of BIFROST's viability.

Ralf Mosshammer
Research Scientist bei Siemens Österreich
3D Darstellung einer Stadt

The result: An amazing simulation tool for the city of tomorrow. An experimental idea has been transformed into a digital product that not only makes a complex subject far more comprehensible - it generates tangible scenarios.

Distinguished project

  • Annual Multimedia Award 2020

    Silver in the category: 'Tools' for "Siemens BIFROST"