How to take the content of a social media design system to the next level.

How to take the content of a social media design system to the next level.

Regular shots of the latest high-quality creative content required? Delivering a constant high-quality stream of content for social media is a challenge faced by many businesses. The solution is ideally-organised workflow.


A modular design system is to give WIFI Salzburg a completely in-house means of compiling suitable, attractive and attention-grabbing content for social media.

What are the benefits of a social media design system?

  • Simple processes

    A fixed colour scheme, pre-defined typefaces and individually designed style elements simplify design procedures for new posts.

  • Varied content

    In a horizontal or vertical format, for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn… Whichever social media channels you occupy, we tailor design templates to the exact requirements of our customers.

  • Easy to use

    Regardless of the design programme you use, pre-defined components allow you to work simply and effectively with familiar tools on the creation of new posts.

Suitable for all content

Social media demand attention-grabbing visuals. Attractive images pull in the user and communicate content on a visual level.

What if there are no suitable graphics and images?

We are convinced all content can attract user attention if it's presented correctly. Simple design tricks can put even unattractive-seeming issues in a favourable light.


Design in the right social media format

Before we produce design templates we analyse the social media output and issues of your competitors, and of major brands in your sector. The results are combined with our expertise to recommend the most relevant formats for your content.

The design system can be adapted to a whole range of posting formats and the various requirements of social media platforms - be it carousel posting, Instagram stories or job offers.

Social media glow-up

As we draft design templates we take existing brand elements into account, such as fonts, colours and logos. These are incorporated to develop a design guide that ensures recognisability on social media.
This creates a flexible framework for creative input, while adhering to brand identity guidelines.

The basic principle of social media design strategy

  • Design basis

    First, we analyse the look and feel of the brand. Based on existing elements, we create a basis for high-profile social media design work.

  • Guidelines

    The design basis is the source of guidelines that guarantee a consistent style to be used on all forms of social media and in all formats.

  • Templates

    Our well-structured templates and exemplary posts make it easier for customers to get on board, and provide initial input on optimal use.

Our success relies on an excellent team and reliable regional partners. pixelart is a great example of this. The new WIFI Salzburg social platform was implemented effectively thanks to their open communication, close attention to detail and extreme dedication. Efficient, unique and user-centric.

Christian Marx
Head of Marketing, Communications & Web WIFI Salzburg

We aim to help businesses compile visually attractive and relevant content to inspire users and transport brand messages.
The social media design system allows WIFI Salzburg to create and post its own content, and to introduce a wide range of issues.

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