Digital Campaigning with Brand Evolution

Digital Campaigning with Brand Evolution

Corporate identity, character design and social media strategy go hand in hand. To achieve a uniform look in the redesign, we turned all the screws. The result: a modern and dynamic appearance across all channels.


With the rebranding of the corporate identity and the Edi Stahl character, we give the company a fresh look and feel, emotion and personality - enabling a bold and attention-grabbing presence on social media.


Social Media Upgrade

Social media has become an indispensable part of a good marketing mix. A successful combination of organic content and targeted campaigns strengthens the brand image and increases the reach. To reach new and existing target groups, you need an eye-catching design, inspiring content with added value and a memorable brand identity.


  • Corporate Branding

    As a first step, we analysed the brand and sharpened the existing mission and vision. In the course of the brand evolution, we redefined existing elements, fonts and colours.

    By reducing the graphic elements, the design appears simple, modern and from a single mould.

  • Character Design

    In close coordination with Edelstahl24, we modernised the Edi Stahl character and brought him to life in 3D. He is the company's figurehead. As a mouthpiece and connection to the users, he is of great importance. The language style of the company and the mascot was defined to ensure consistent communication.

  • Social Media

    We combined the new colour scheme of the brand and the modern appearance of Edi Stahl to create a dynamic presence on Facebook and Instagram.

    In cheeky posts and stories, the Edi Stahl character speaks directly to users. Offers and helpful tips for do-it-yourselfers are communicated with wit and charm.


In the course of the redesign, we compressed the colour world of Edelstahl24 and reduced it to the essentials. In this way, the visuals ensure more memorability for users and a clear separation from the competition.


The new brand colours - Steel Blue and Glowing Orange - are also reflected in Edi Stahl's superhero costume and in the social media postings. The entire brand presence thus appears coherent across all channels and offers a high recognition value.


A uniform design system for all digital touchpoints creates recognition value and simplifies the creation of postings with appealing content. Whether social media channel or corporate website - brand elements such as typography, colours and logo run consistently through every element.


For example, we have defined our own fonts for headlines, sublines and body text, which are used for all visuals and on social media.


Brand characters are important visual identifiers of brands and companies – the revision by Edi Stahl therefore had to be done carefully and subtly. With the help of the character navigator we created ourselves, we explored the appearance and external features, as well as the personality, character traits and language style for the redesign.


A character's appearance does not only include external features - the style of speech completes the character.

Edi always has a cheeky quip on his lips and loves word jokes. It is therefore easy to see that he communicates "directly" with users on social media. In the posts, he presents his insider tips for working with stainless steel and messages on Facebook and Instagram are signed "Edi" by the social media team. He is the likeable mouthpiece of the Edelstahl 24 brand that craftsmen can identify with.


Whenever strategy, content, design and technology mesh neatly, there's just something magical about it. It was incredibly fun to work as a team on the Edelstahl24 brand and on Edi Stahl as a 100 % stainless steel brand ambassador. - Or as John "Hannibal" Smith from the A-Team used to say:

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

David MJ Roth
Senior Design Strategist


A superhero for super offers: According to this motto, we gave the character Edi Stahl and the corporate identity of Edelstahl24 a complete makeover. Vibrant colours, appealing visuals and a personality with wit and charm help to charge the topic of stainless steel with emotion and pick up customers across all touchpoints.



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Nathalie Seidl

Nathalie Seidl, Social Media Strategist and Campaign Manager

David MJ Roth

David MJ Roth, Senior Design Strategist

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