Content Strategy & Production

It's all about content: texts, images, videos, and animation. But what are your goals? How do you want to thrill your target group? Most importantly, what are the keys to good digital content? We take you straight from strategy to content creation.

Text alone is not enough!

A short explanatory video on Social Media attracts attention. Perhaps a product is easier to explain multimedially. Content is much more than just text. With so many choices, it's important to match your content, channel, and message!

Holistic content

Copywriters, motion and digital designers, SEO, and social media specialists: Our whole content team shares the same goal. Whatever the type of content, we're here for you.

  • Web copy & editing

    Write for the reader and optimise for the search engine. We show you how to write copy or do it for you.

  • Animation & interactive content

    3D illustrations, motion graphics, mixed reality (AR/VR) and more! Ideal for 'wow' effects and abstract themes.

  • Photo & video content

    We can help! Photo shoots, storyboards or videos tuned for social media campaigns… You name it!

Content quality

Create content that makes a difference! Is it needed for long-term goals or a reactive campaign? Do copy and visuals fit like a glove? Together we evaluate your content potential – keeping an eye on your corporate goals and resources.

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Establish content marketing

Traditional advertising campaigns have been replaced by practical, informative, and entertaining content. Experience has shown: Content marketing is one of the major challenges companies face.

Mitarbeiter planen zusammen den Content

Plan and implement content long-term

Boosting the status of content in a company depends on clear goals, a shared mission and long-term planning. These form the basis for editing plans, content specials and every campaign target page. A view from outside looking in often helps.

Content strategy is not a sprint, it's a marathon - but one that is worth it!

Michaela Mayrhofer
Content Strategy Manager

Content from A to Z – Our services for you

Strategic or operative? Whatever your content, we help wherever you need us.

  • Content strategy

    From target groups to internal workflow: Your content strategy forms the basis for all digital content.

  • Analyses & audits

    What content already works we,ll and which themes show potential? We believe web analysis and content go hand-in-hand.

  • Content optimisation

    Existing content can be optimised, re-cycled and polished up.

  • Content production

    We're happy to write copy, illustrate or produce digital content for you – self-dependently and to your precise stipulations.

  • Content distribution

    What good is great content without traffic? We help you promote and distribute content.

  • Content for search engines

    We believe content & SEO go hand-in-hand. We show you how to link up both disciplines seamlessly.

Ultimately, it's content that brings digital products to life.

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Susanne Fellner
Motion Designer

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