How AI is revolutionizing the creation of content – launch campaign for GRASS


AI-based image generators such as Midjourney, Dalle-E and Runway ML are revolutionizing the creation of visual content and offering previously unimaginable possibilities. It is crucial to take advantage of these advanced developments to prepare for the future and capitalize on the opportunities that arise. We asked ourselves the question: How can we put this into practice for a digital campaign already?



AI-generated content was used specifically for the GRASS product launch. The "Reveal the Unseen" campaign emphasizes the unique novelty of the GRASS product and combines it with the imaginary and the infinite possibilities that AI-based creation offers. Our idea was to create imaginary living worlds that morph seamlessly into one another and thus visualize the infinite design possibilities.


The benefits are manifold: increased efficiency, reduced costs and an expansion of creative possibilities. All of this has a profound effect on traditional methods of content production and opens up new ways to benefit from this technological wave. But what applications are possible?


Abstracted representation of prompting with image as input

AI Booster against bad website images.

Websites benefit enormously from high-quality content, but there is often a lack of good images. Many rely on stock images, but these are often limited and interchangeable. This opens up great potential for artificial intelligence: AI can be used to create appealing, unique visuals that enrich websites individually and make them stand out from the crowd.

Presentation of social media content in an iPhone mockup

Eye-candy for powerful digital campaigns.

In times of media overload on social media, it is crucial to attract a high level of impulsive attention. Customizability and personalization of content also play a key role in standing out from the crowd. AI can be a way to stay unique and engaging in a crowded digital space to effectively reach and retain the target audience.

Laptop mockup with AI-generated image on the screen

Deliver editorial content in record time.

Instead of investing valuable time in tedious image research or elaborate image retouching, the use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to quickly find suitable image content for blogs or news articles, for example. AI acts as a kind of creative machine which, when used correctly, can generate highly interesting thumbnails and appealing visuals.


But how can AI be used in a purposeful way? By setting the direction as an agency, we create a strategic basis for creative and targeted action. We call it: the prompting concept.

  • Foundation

    In a work session, we take the time to analyze the specific requirements, the existing content and the defined content goals in detail. The aim is to precisely align expectations and, based on this, define the directions for prompting.

  • Collection

    The experimental phase involves creating numerous variations, which are compiled in the form of a mood board and clustered thematically. The aim of this phase is to use a systematic exclusion process to identify possible visualizations that fit best.

  • Documentation

    To capture the best results, we document the most effective prompts and the underlying conceptual considerations in a concept paper. There is the option of further refining and editing this content in post-production in order to adapt it optimally to the respective requirements and objectives.

Abstract representation of the prompting concept


This approach ensures consistent quality and brand loyalty, enabling easy continuation of content production with consistent, high-quality results.

image rights

According to current legal perspectives, the images generated by AI are not subject to copyright and therefore cannot be protected. Within the subscription model of midjourney, commercial use of the generated images is permitted. To the best of our abilities, we strive for a usage that complies with copyright regulations by combining reference inputs and thematically unobjectionable image content. However, the general commercial use of generated images should always be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Abstracted representation of prompting with image as input

Product images and the prompting concept as a foundation.

The essence of kitchen and furniture manufacturers' products was used as the basis for the visual representation of their products. Through targeted stylistic definitions, abstract-surrealistic spatial scenes were created that emphasize the freedom and expression of possible combinations in a modern setting. This approach made it possible to reproduce infinite variations and thus impressively present the versatility and adaptability of the products.

Production using motion morphing technology.

As part of the campaign, Runway ML was used to convert the generated prompts into animations. The frame interpolation tool was used to create seamless and dynamic transitions between the scenes. In addition, an innovative blending of real content with AI-generated content took place. This approach resulted in expressive and high-converting overall videos that were specially designed for the digital campaign.


This strategy makes it possible to present the innovative essence of the product in an intriguing and visually appealing way, attracting the attention and interest of the target group. For GRASS, the campaign was the perfect use case for AI.

With Midjourney and Runway, incredible visuals can now be created that were once unthinkable. The question is no longer whether AI should be used, but how.

Benjamin Zehrfeldt
Creative Lead

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