Changing the system - How AI is transforming the digital world of work

author: Julia Webersberger

The AI Challenge

With ChatGPT & Co., AI is now also accessible to a broad market and is becoming more and more part of everyday life for many of us, both privately and professionally. Surreal images in social media are only the visible tip of the iceberg, because artificial intelligence can do much more.


Writing, analyzing, coding

Especially in the digital industry, AI is leading to profound changes in everyday work. The technology has the ability to programme, text, analyse or translate entire digital projects.

Through automated processes or data analyses, uniform routine tasks can increasingly be taken over by AI tools. This allows employees to concentrate on more complex, creative tasks. At the same time, the demands on those who have to learn how to use the new tools are increasing. Only through the sensible use of technology can AI become a game changer.

Is AI "The Next Big Thing" we've all been waiting for? Yes! For the first time, unimaginable possibilities are open to us all - the beginning of a new era of innovation and disruptive advances. What are currently simple prompts will soon be fully integrated into intelligent tools that let us create things that seem impossible today.

Porträtfoto von Ben Zehrfeldt
Benjamin Zehrfeldt
Creative Lead

Seven concrete AI application fields at pixelart:


AI, in combination with predictive analytics, offers numerous opportunities for the e-commerce sector. For example, product suggestions can be displayed at a certain time of day for certain user groups, thus achieving a higher probability of a purchase. AI can also act as a supporting assortment manager to optimise margins or manage inventory and utilisation planning, which are subject to fluctuating demands due to traffic or weather forecasts. In addition, AI enables dynamic pricing at specific times or at predefined utilisation levels.



AI is also already being used for various tasks in development at pixelart. For example, AI provides support in troubleshooting and optimisation or in converting from one programming language to another. AI also acts as a "co-pilot" in the pair programming process, in which two developers previously worked together on an efficient solution for a use case. This allows the respective developer to focus on solution approaches for complex requirements or on innovation projects.




I see AI as a breakthrough catalyst that increases our productivity and allows us to focus on solving complex challenges and driving innovation in the development process.


Translation workflow

AI is now firmly established in translation. Tools like DeepL deliver fast and very good results in common languages. We have already integrated services for the translation of product or website texts into CMS, PIM and e-commerce systems. This means that translations can be started directly from the CMS with just a few clicks and can be used live within a very short time. With this method, entire websites and shops can be launched efficiently.


Text & Content

Outlining and structuring articles, researching topics or supporting the formulation of text passages - AI offers a whole range of different applications when writing texts. The briefing of the respective AI tool is particularly decisive for the quality - the more precise the specifications in the prompts, the better the result. To ensure individuality and correctness of content, however, the generated text should be checked again afterwards and revised if necessary.


AI will of course change a lot - also in our everyday work in the area of content. But at the end of the day, it's all about staying authentic and REAL and keeping a big dose of humanity in the face of all the artificial intelligence.

Michaela Mayrhofer
Senior Content Strategy Manager

Creation & Design

We all know them - the surreal images of famous personalities in unusual poses or in colourful, flashy outfits. But in terms of creative processes and design, AI can do much more. With the right prompts, you can enter new inspirational territory with AI tools. Entirely new motifs and never-before-seen campaigns or moods are created in this way. We also use Midjourney and the like to make ideas more comprehensible.


AI image generation opens up a world of limitless possibilities for us. With its creative power and efficiency, we are able to bring unique visual concepts and stories to life. From visualising individual, abstract ideas to creating a unique visual language - it allows creativity to be fully expressed.

Anna Brunner
Digital Designer

Chat & Conversation

The integration of AI into chat bots has already shown promising results. Obvious advantages are 24/7 availability and the possibility to conduct a more complex conversation in an automated way thanks to neural technology. However, some sentences formulated by chat bots are very vague due to the currently still limited data. Nevertheless, 1st level communication and simple questions are already a reality in chats and can be used for enquiries, problem solving or product recommendations.


Digital Marketing & Analysis

The combination of AI and new tools and techniques opens up a wide range of possibilities in the field of digital marketing. These include, for example, initial keyword research as well as sorting and filtering according to search intent. AI also supports us in the design and creation of campaigns with inspiring suggestions and basic analyses. With the right prompts, large amounts of data can be analysed and possible trends for further action can be derived.



AI tools enable us in campaigning to save valuable time in research and data analysis and thus optimise ongoing campaigns more quickly. I think AI will help us to engage more effectively with our target groups and create even more successful campaigns in the future.

Nathalie Seidl
Social Media Strategist und Campaign Manager


By automating routine tasks with the help of AI, our employees have the time to devote to effective tasks and use their talents in a targeted manner. It is therefore worthwhile to be open to new technologies and the opportunities they create. We are happy to support you with training and joint working sessions to make your company more efficient with AI.


In order to ideally utilise the full potential of the new technology on the customer side, the integration of AI in one's own company should be started as soon as possible. The best way to learn is with selective AI test projects in order to establish a fast and secure cultivation of the new technology.

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Mike Glas

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