Master the digital commerce roadmap

author: Thomas Peintner

New pitches every couple of years, turn the strategy inside-out and implement it again. A digital agenda, and particularly matters of e-commerce, should never be treated this way.

We recommend our clients think about ongoing development to achieve their goals rather than in projects. To do this, it is important to have a future-orientated and well-implemented technical basis.

Digital commerce

Living and breathing digitalisation involves working to achieve rapid cycles of development and high output.
E-commerce demands non-stop improvement in the areas accompanying the brand, customer, data, innovation, technology and marketing

The future of digital commerce

Digital commerce is far more than just a project. We see e-commerce as a mindset, and as a clearly-defined strategic task with corresponding goals: It requires stamina and perseverence.

Technological systems are the cornerstones of a functioning e-commerce strategy. We recommend modern microservice-based architectures. The advantages are obvious: Microservices can be quickly and flexibly integrated into existing system landscapes such as ERP/CRM/PIM, and clear the way for modern channels like VR/AR, Car Commerce and IOT. This means data and systems are both connected up to the new e-commerce ecosystem at the same time.

A seamless link-up of content & commerce

In order to achieve a seamless connection between content & commerce the future frontend can interact directly with the new e-commerce services, allowing specific product overviews with filters, customer accounts and a shopping basket to be realised – whether for B2C, B2B or B2X.

Particularly challenging business models and business logics, such as rental platforms - or configurable products, as with bundles or even virtual SKUs that become unique products by way of configuration, can be implemented efficiently with the API-first approach.


We've already been working in a close partnership with commercetools.com for four years, using the international manufacturer's headless commerce platform. commercetools.com was ranked a 'leader' in 'Forrester Wave™ B2C Commerce Suites Wave, Q2 2020'.

A scalable, high-performance cloud platform

The extremely high degree of scalability of the high-performance cloud platform with flexible commerce API functionality ensures the e-commerce operation is always failsafe and stable under stress.

No work-arounds or core hacks

Further benefits are that there are no monolithic servers or shops to be maintained, nor any lists of work-arounds & core hacks that can limit system updatability, or prevent it completely. Rather than introducing more systems, we create data networks with an immediate means of control. This practical solution allows conventional web front-end solutions, as well as voice, VR and other applications, to be linked up to additional data and e-commerce interfaces.

We form a specialised business unit to work with our customers as a dedicated team of experts. Profound customer expertise is combined with our team's agile approach to ensure short development cycles and high output in the tech and commerce fields. The model allows us to be less of a 'service provider', and to enter into a closer partnership with our clients on all levels. It's exactly the right model to manage a joint digital agenda moving forward.

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Thomas Peintner
Team Leader Digital Commerce & Business Solutions

It's time to rethink your digital commerce architecture.