The e-commerce solution for innovators and visionaries

The e-commerce solution for innovators and visionaries

Is your current e-commerce solution reaching its limits? Has your business changed due to recent developments and needs to become more granular? commercetools is an e-commerce platform that serves all your requirements, and is capable of growing with your sector and the requirements growth entails.

What is commercetools?

commercetools offers genuine headless commerce with flexibility, scalability, security and performance. The API-first approach with microservice-based architecture and the option of a seamless integration to a cloud-native environment, ensures the implementation of all business models. You are able to react dynamically to changes in your business field, however big or small.

Who already uses commercetools?

The benefits of commercetools in

  • Flexibility

    More than 300 API endpoints guarantee complete flexibility for the implementation of your e-commerce project, a seamless link to your existing systems, and ensure every system retains its original benefits.

  • Security

    commercetools is provided as a fully-managed cloud platform with the highest security standards, so you never have to worry about updates, maintenance and high availability.

  • Performance

    Speed matters: The platform scales automatically. There are no more challenges or worries involved with seasonal peak-usage spikes caused by marketing campaigns, product showcases or Black Friday offers.

  • Sustainability

    Well-planned and sophisticated commerce architecture lays the foundations for sustained platform operation and the ongoing enhancement of business growth.

  • Expandability

    A new idea? Hooking up a new business channel? Operating a new system? Real headless commerce solutions like commercetools let you perform at your best.

  • Scalability

    E-commerce enables fast growth and rapid reaction to changes on the market. commercetools allows you to act fast, equipping you to handle increased site traffic, new markets and new opportunities.

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Powerful APIs from commercetools make all forms of integration much easier. commercetools allows pixelart's experienced developers to concentrate on the absolute essentials of implementing all the features and functions of business logic.

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Julius Rabe
Lead Software Developer

What exactly does headless mean? A headless commerce platform is responsible for all backend processes, business logic and data admin. All of these data are made available via flexible commerce APIs. This enables all types of frontend (heads) such as standard webshops, apps, voice assistants and smart devices to be connected up.

Scenarios for headless architectures
with commercetools:

Commerce is wherever the customer is

New commerce is also about purchasing items where we see them. For example, car customers may buy upgrades sitting in their cars and activate them immediately, without delays or detours.

Supply chain & Internet of Things

Smart technology can order necessary spare parts and refills automatically without a detour to a webshop - like printers that order more paper, or vacuum cleaners that react when bags are full.

The rise of multicommerce

Numerous networks & apps provide purchasing opportunities. Cinema tickets can be bought using an app, on a website, straight from a poster on Instagram or a trailer on YouTube.

High peaks, no problems

Sometimes several people view your products at the same time. Where other systems fail, and you lose money, cloud infrastructure takes care of everything.


commercetools has pioneered cloud commerce technologies for years: Gartner is one of the leading businesses in analytics and market research in the tech sector, ranking commercetools among international e-commerce solutions as a market leader "Leader" .

pixelart and its customers enjoy success combining special business models with technologies geared for the future. Inflexible systems often obstruct business, whereas commercetools and its versatile battery of applications launches the e-commerce business done by our customers into new spheres.

Porträtfoto von Thomas Peintner
Thomas Peintner
Team Leader Digital Commerce

E-commerce technologies with pixelart

pixelart has been a commercetools partner since 2015. We remain in close contact with commercetools to stay completely up to date and contribute customer input into the continued development of commercetools. The vast majority of technologies we use - such as AWS, Serverless, Cloud-native, Microservices - offer the very latest solutions. Our teams love them, we trust them, and are  fully convinced of their benefits.

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No wonder we're one of Austria's most successful commercetools partners. Our experience and enthusiasm is felt in every single project we implement.

Our commercetools customers


Digital brand & unique e-commerce rental platform


Focus on international e-commerce and customer experience


Next generation careers portal based on commercetools


Innovative ski rental portal with headless architecture
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