Outstanding people for inspiring digital projects.

Outstanding people for inspiring digital projects.

What can our People & Culture Team do for the success of our clients? Quite clearly: More power. Stable teams. Excellently trained employees. And in the end, this means the highest quality for our projects.


About us

Behind People & Culture at pixelart is a strong duo with a great deal of experience and know-how. Katrin has been with the company for 8 years and knows the digital agency and its processes inside out. Since 01.12.2021 Sarah completes the team. She has over 10 years of experience in all agendas of the employee life cycle and knows exactly what is important when it comes to personnel development.

Together with the management, all HR processes were critically examined at the start of 2022 and many things were rethought.

I consider the term "People & Culture" very appropriate and feel very comfortable with it. It describes the value of cohesion in the company and that everything we do contributes an important part to the organisation of pixelart. It is an open term that allows for diversity. I think it's nice to make a statement with it and to make it clear that, in addition to the "classic" HR tasks, there are increasingly important strategic topic areas, such as value systems or the creation of an optimal workplace culture.

Sarah Aichinger
People & Culture Manager

Our Mission

The people at pixelart are the ones who, together with our customers, create the best digital products and solutions with the greatest possible benefit. It's also the culture in which we all work together, master challenges and celebrate successes. People & Culture. That's what it's all about. That's who we are.


What have we achieved since the pandemic?

  • We have distributed responsibility among the individual business units according to the HR business partner principle. This creates clarity and contributes to optimal entrepreneurial value creation.
  • The topic of hybrid work @pixelart has been further professionalised (start of the conversion already in 2020): 100% hybrid work, elimination of core working hours, maximum flexibility in the choice of weekly hours, conversion to 100% mobile work devices.
  • Our internal training formats, the so-called SkillSessions, have been comprehensively developed further, creating a diverse range of training opportunities.
  • With Personio, we have introduced a strong HR management tool and thus digitalised essential processes.
  • The onboarding process for our newbies has reached a new level.
  • Since this year, there are various new socialising formats. 
  • The annual employee appraisals were further developed and a management survey based on core competencies was introduced.
  • We have professionalised the recruiting process and built up a talent pool.
  • We want to maintain good contact with our alumni and have therefore implemented a structured and reflective offboarding process. This also helps us to know where we can still improve.
  • Introduction of the pixelart SUMMIT as an annual kick-off event to orientate the employees where the common journey is going.
  • We have geared our social media presence more towards employer branding.
  • Our new application form simplifies the application process and thus represents a lower barrier for potential applicants.

More than Human Resources

"People are at the centre" is one of our core values. We do not talk about resources and it is not about managing people. We don't see our employees as a cost factor, but as strategic success factors. We are concerned with personal development, skills and the enabling of our people. We are the support team of the entire organisation, we network employees and teams with each other, we listen, form ideas and condense challenges. Our training or work packages are derived from this.


New Work is standard, what's next?

We want to create an understanding of good digital work in a constantly transforming industry and at the same time establish a high quality output with high satisfaction of all employees. We understand New Work as a continuous process in which we are strongly oriented towards the individual needs of the employees and do not work according to the watering can principle. Together we work on solutions and simply try things out.


Network & Neurons

The project business of a digital agency is more challenging today than ever before, while at the same time the versatility of our digital work and solutions is seemingly unlimited. Whereas in the past there were coders and designers, today there are significantly more job profiles coming together in a digital agency: data, AI, frontend, backend, cloud, infrastructure, content, motion, 3D, SEO, to name but a few. Here, the corporate culture plays an essential role: our values are at the centre and are at the heart of our attitude. They are our guidepost and the most valuable foundation of our togetherness. Our values make it possible to safely achieve our great common pixelart vision.


Good Health & Wellbeeing

We define ourselves as a dynamic team that challenges and promotes each other, celebrates successes together and grows with the challenges. Great digital projects let us grow beyond ourselves. We want our employees to be fit and happy. That's why we support them on their way to good health and wellbeing with sports, yoga, massages and other activities.


As a People & Culture Team, we take our role very seriously - whether it's at the welcome bar over coffee, after work or in official meetings. On the one hand, we offer an open ear to better understand needs, and on the other hand, we try to empower our colleagues, find solutions and communicate a lot within the scope of our tasks.

Katrin Lackner
People & Culture Manager

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