Systematic beauty - CHANNOINE's user-centric shopping experience

Systematic beauty - CHANNOINE's user-centric shopping experience

CHANNOINE is a leading brand for luxury cosmetics – timeless elegance and first-class quality are the main focus. The perfect interplay of cosmetics and nutritional supplements enables comprehensive care for inner and outer beauty.


Product image of a cream from Channoine
Product set from Channoine

Mission for Beauty

Product staging for a modern brand experience

The products are at the heart of the digital brand presence. A modernized presentation appeals to younger target groups and strengthens the e-commerce business. The revamped e-commerce platform offers an improved user experience and conveys the luxurious brand identity across all touchpoints.


Project Highlights

  • Intuitive navigation

    CHANNOINE inspires with the number of products for inner and outer beauty.
The product access and product worlds can be experienced by the user thanks to the new, consolidated sitemap and simplified navigation.

  • UI/UX Design

    A clearly structured design and optimized e-commerce processes ensure an improved shopping experience and a smooth checkout process.

  • Content Creation

    Exclusive video content was produced for CHANNOINE both in the studio and at various set locations, giving the products and website a luxurious new look.

  • PIM- System and Onlineshop

    Pimcore enables an ideal interplay of classic CMS, online store and PIM. The advantages: simple data maintenance for backend editors, a flexible PIM for the end-to-end user.

  • Full Integration

    Pimcore's open connectivity enables automated synchronization with the internal product and retailer database. This means that the data is always up to date.

  • API & data exchange

    Through the API layer, Pimcore and the ERP communicate in real time, enabling the flexible and scalable exchange of information and ensuring fail-safe integration.

One Stop-Experience

Experience luxurious product worlds in one click

The new e-commerce platform offers a comprehensive digital one-stop experience with customized content. The newly staged image and video content allows users to immerse themselves in the various product worlds and the elegant ambience of CHANNOINE. The quick store and cross-selling functions make it possible to buy products quickly and directly and go through a simple and efficient checkout process.


Design System

CHANNOINE's design system is characterized by typography in balance, soft shapes and clear design principles. This ensures a consistent presentation of the brand and a seamless user experience.


Convincing Clarity

Digital elegance in every website detail

Large-scale elements, golden color accents and micro-animations give the website an impressive presence and enable clear communication of important product information.


For a project of this size, not only a strategic approach is crucial, but also professional cooperation on an equal footing, open communication and flexibility. Together with our project partner from CHANNOINE, we were able to achieve these goals and establish shared values and trust. The extremely positive feedback from the CHANNOINE community confirms this success and “Beauty with a system” now also shines through a digital presence with a system.

Theresa Schweighofer, Lead Digital Project Manager
Theresa Schweighofer
Lead Digital Project Manager

Enhancing Conversion

Increased conversion rate through optimized user guidance

Targeted staging of important interaction elements guides the user and increases the conversion rate. The discreet color coding system enhances access to products and significantly improves user-friendliness through clear categorization.


New product detail page Channoine (made by pixelart)

Personalized Shopping

A personalized shopping experience for every customer

The flexible store system was developed from the outset with the individual needs of various store users in mind. This ensures optimal service for different target groups and guarantees a straightforward and unique shopping experience.


Product Focused

Clear overview, simple selection

The product overview provides a comprehensive insight into the entire range and acts as a navigation aid for finding products quickly and intuitively. Filter options further optimize functionality, allowing customers to refine their search and focus on products with specific requirements.


your Skin, your needs

Online skin analysis

A remarkably personalized approach to products is facilitated through our online skin type analysis. Thoughtfully formulated and straightforward questions offer insights into each customer's unique skin type. Customers can efficiently navigate to suitable products using the search function and access detailed information.


Custom Content Production

To further strengthen the CHANNOINE brand world, exclusive photo and video content was produced in the studio and at various set locations. Different materials, surface textures and elements set the scene for each individual product line.


Film Production Facts

  • Twelve beauty product lines

    Elements such as water, smoke, and floral motifs, specially adapted to each product line, were used to effectively showcase the properties and applications of all products.

  • One concept, two days of filming

    From the concept to the model casting, everything was prepared in detail to produce all the indoor, outdoor and studio shots in just two days of filming. The results form the foundation for an exclusive video content pool.

  • High-end production in 8k

    All clips were produced in 8k with Hollywood Grade Cinema equipment. Super slow motion shots complemented the high-quality appearance of the material and the high-end post-production made a winter's day look like early summer.

Frau im Badezimmer mit goldenem Kleid

Content for all channels

Maximum presence on all channels through versatile content

From thumbnails to teasers, headers, and full-screen elements, the content can be utilized across various platforms, including the website and social media. As a result, it is presented optimally in all contexts, creating a cohesive and appealing product environment.


Partner Landing Page

Extra bonus — personal website for all beauty partners

In addition to the main website, all CHANNOINE Beauty partners directly benefit from their own website, which automatically integrates the functions and content of the main site along with additional personalized elements. Users can explore product ranges and expertise and request individual consultations.


Channoine web design (made by pixelart)

Digital Transformation

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