Emotional Product Experiences through Motion Design & Storytelling.

Emotional Product Experiences through Motion Design & Storytelling.

GRASS offers excellent motion design and turns the opening and closing of furniture into an experience. In this context the idea was born to use the possibilities of 3D content, animations and storytelling to create a unique and emotional brand experience across all touchpoints and channels.


GRASS strives for uniqueness in the furniture industry. With a special demand for quality and design, the company stands for subtle movements and animated stories that create a unique and emotional brand experience that stands out from the crowd.



The principle of "reduce to the max" applies to all brand touchpoints – reduce the design to the maximum in order to ensure simplicity and clarity. In this way, GRASS pursues the goal of generating emotions that excite customers and create a deep connection to the product.



Our holistic, agile strategy includes cross-media content productions, campaigns and landing pages that enable fast time-to-market.

This approach was first tested in a pilot project where we successfully implemented campaigns to activate customers and then incorporated the findings into the Digital Touchpoint. BSeamless and continuous meshing of the individual areas enabled us to make perfect use of synergies and ensure high efficiency. Through rapid testing and continuous improvements, we can constantly develop the brand in the digital realm.



The V8 drawer system is a global innovation. With an inspirational product landing page, we accelerated the product launch, tested initial market acceptance and thus achieved an optimal time-to-market medium MVP.



Product Staging and Scrollytelling Experience

The first phase started with impressive animations, an eye-catching minimalist design, a large-scale stage, and attention-grabbing stories through motion animation and storytelling.


Design to Code

Time To Market: Webflow Experience

Webflow is a tool that combines design and development in one intuitive platform. It allows responsive web designs without code, quick customizations and easy content management, which enabled the landing page to be realized in a very fast time-to-market.


The freedom of interaction between design, animation and development is unprecedented with Webflow. A unique pilot project for all subsequent product pages and a milestone for us that was rewarded with an Awwwards SOTD, among other things.

Matthias Mellitzer
Lead Designer


3D animations revolutionize product staging by enabling a realistic and interactive presentation. They offer customers an immersive experience that highlights product quality and facilitates the purchase decision.


3D Animations

With CAD data from the design department the products were elaborately staged in 3D and its movements recreated with rig-based animations. In this way, even hidden details can be made visible.


Scrollytelling Animations

The 3D animations are coordinated with the other content and content elements on the page and react dynamically to scrolling or interaction. This gives users the feeling that they are executing the movements themselves.


Engaging Video

Almost all content elements allow the use of autoplay or responsive videos. Dynamic images can be used to convey even deeper impressions about the products or topics.



High-quality content and inspiring landing pages are equally the basis for further scaling awareness of the GRASS brand and its products. For this purpose, activating campaigns were launched under the guiding idea of Moved, Inspired and Made by GRASS. The goal was to increase general brand awareness in the first step and then to expand this further on a topic-specific basis.



Strong data basis for the future

Thanks to a well-founded strategy and the targeted measures of the campaign, we were able to reach a large user base in the first few weeks and successfully activate awareness of the GRASS brand by means of impressions. In addition to general brand awareness, further campaigns are aimed at setting up specific product-based conversion funnels and expanding these sustainably.


The whole digital world of GRASS. This is where planners, furniture designers, architects and end customers come together to find inspiration and comprehensive information about products, technology and expert knowledge. Very important: A sophisticated, equivalent experience across all website areas.



The global sales network of GRASS extends over 60 countries and 200 sales partners. To represent this dimension, an interactive globe was implemented. This enables intuitive navigation and optimizes the user experience.

A holistic approach to scalable business goals.

  • Internationality

    In the digital realm, an international brand must successfully combine cultural sensitivity, a strong brand message, global presence and adaptable marketing strategies.

  • Digital sales tool

    The website as a digital sales tool simplifies the sales process through automation, data analytics and improved customer interaction on a global scale.

  • Brand Awareness

    Targeted online marketing, social media presence, SEO, brand partnerships, and engaging digital content can promote GRASS' image and awareness.

  • Content Repository

    A central source for all text, image, video and 3D content. Always up to date, the website provides the latest content for all channels and areas.

  • Support & Customer Experience Center

    The website as a support & customer experience center promotes customer satisfaction by providing quick assistance and continuously optimizes the customer experience for planners, dealers, interior designers, architects as well as end customers.

  • Values & Trust

    The company DNA consists of solid values that create trust. They inspire and connect people who together contribute to the sustainable success of the company.

The big challenge of this relaunch was to transform the core themes and values of the GRASS brand into the digital world. We have now managed to do justice to the premium claim of our products in the digital presence as well. The look and feel of the new website gives users a clear picture of what GRASS stands for.

Daniel Loacker
GRASS Digital Project Manager

Excellent & worth seeing.

  • Annual Multimedia Award 2023

    Annual Multimedia Award 2023

    Gold in the category Website & Microsite

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