Development ­partnership with Austria's biggest careers portal

Development ­partnership with Austria's biggest careers portal

Collaborative development is the key. It enabled the new self-service platform for the purchase and compilation of job offers on to be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape and the new e-commerce process to be established.

Project goal

Up to now, the process of purchasing and compiling ads has been 100% manual and only possible during business hours. The goal of our collaboration is the complete digitisation of this process to give customers greater flexibility compiling job offers.


Austria's market leader in online recruitment brings together the right applicants with the best employers. The career portal features thousands of current job offers, guaranteeing businesses the greatest possible reach for their career ads. 

Austria's best-known careers portal

Large number of visitors per month

Thousands of job offers

130km away - 100% connected.

Collaborative development enables the platform to be integrated seamlessly into the exisiting processes and allows first-time implementation of an e-commerce solution at

  • Remote native work

    The team members have been working completely remotely on the new platform since the project began. The distance between Linz and Salzburg has never been an issue. A shared project goal and close coordination ensure the self-service platform is developed with absolute efficiency.

  • Far more than a client - A TEAM

    Project success relies on fun and understanding. Team members have 'clicked' on a personal level, enabling them to collaborate closely on the project for over a year. The SCRUM method provides the necessary guidance.

  • Agile knowledge transfer

    When differing teams collaborate there can be benefits on both sides; each party both teaching and learning. The team at has earned the right to claim they have "e-commerce experience". Indeed, the pixelart team also picked up lots of valuable know-how during the development partnership.

Joint development team

Usually, at pixelart we provide customers with full-service, single-source support - including conceptualisation, design, implementation, content and post-'go-live' assistance. But we can be flexible: 

Since the project began, we have worked hand-in-hand with on the new self-service platform.

To a large degree, the quantifiable success of this project can be explained by the smooth collaboration with pixelart. They take an uncomplicated iterative approach to the planning, concept design and development of our e-commerce solution, are flexibile in procedural coordination, always proactive, solution-orientated and ensure great team chemistry.

Lucas Seinfeld
Lead Web Developer

Technical set-up tailor-made for B2B business logic

At the start of the project there were three approaches to the technical set-up of the new self-service platform. We explored the existing infrastructure, detailed requirements and future expansion potential intensively in order to identify an ideal set-up for the next digitisation step.

commercetools as a commerce platform

commercetools is a genuine headless commerce system offering the required versatility, scalability and performance. The API-first approach and microservice-based architecture allow seamless integration into the existing processes. All kinds of future expansion options are now possible, guaranteeing the capacity to react quickly to market changes and an enduring collaboration between and pixelart

With Stripe as a payment gateway we were able to integrate an online payment service that fit our requirements profile perfectly. Comprehensive APIs enabled the integration of smart payment options for smooth-running checkout procedures.

Customers expect a flawless and speedy UX. Vue.JS is combined with Laravel to facilitate precisely the dynamic presentation of the elements needed for user interaction.

The interface between vue.js and Laravel is achieved via Inertia.js. We created a simple, completely client-rendered application using existing server frameworks.

Alongside the technological set-up, my highlight has definitely been our collaboration with the developers. It's a pleasure to share our e-commerce know-how. Working with people from outside the agency adds variety and is good fun.

Daniel Franek
Senior Web-Developer

This is just the start

Implementing the new platform for purchasing slots and compiling job offers was just the start. There is a well-filled backlog for the expansion of functionality. We look forward to continuing our development partnership with in 2022.


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