in motion -
New digital platform
with content that moves.

in motion -
New digital platform
with content that moves.

For more than 100 years, Lagermax has stood for more than transport, more than logistics. Lagermax offers services that set the world in motion. With the relaunch, the claim "Together in motion." was made perceptible and tangible across the new website and digital platform through the content.


On the move across Europe.

The Lagermax Group is one of Austria's largest companies in the fields of freight forwarding, car transport and logistics. With 4,000 employees, Lagermax is also an important employer in the respective region. With more than 100 years of experience, the team's expertise and the support of state-of-the-art technology, the group of companies develops customised logistics concepts for customers worldwide. 

The variety and diversity of services are what characterise Lagermax. The aim of the relaunch was to make this diversity tangible for visitors and to structure the service area more clearly, as well as to simplify navigation through the areas.

Project Highlights

  • Intuitive navigation

    Lagermax impresses with its wide range of services - this can be experienced by the user through the new, consolidated sitemap and simplified navigation. User guidance and intuitive operation are clearly in the foreground.

  • Content Creation

    The photo shoot at 3 Lagermax locations laid the foundation for content enabling. The new visual photo and video content brings the Lagermax website to life. In combination with new and optimised texts, we offer users an authentic website experience.

  • UI/UX Design

    Building on Lagermax's new CI/CD, the claim "Together in motion." runs through the entire website with small UI/UX elements. Moving elements, animations and style elements make it tangible at every point: Lagermax moves.

  • System switch to Pimcore

    With the system switch to Pimcore, Lagermax has all options open to it: In addition to the classic CMS functions, Pimcore offers simple management of language and country versions as well as client handling.

  • B2B/B2C Switch

    The user can switch between content for private customers and corporate customers using the simple switch. This changes both the content of the homepage and the menu items in the service area.

  • Let's chat

    The focus of the project was to always have a shortcut to the contact within reach. In addition to the eye-catching contact button in the navigation, this was solved with a chatbot element that informs the user about the most important areas and guides them further.

Reaching the goal together.

Agile project management, an efficient project set-up and regular stand-ups made it possible to successfully implement the relaunch. We managed to complete the relaunch within 7 months. In addition to the new Lagermax website with 11 language versions, the new website of the subsidiary Frikus was the first client to go live during this period.


Moving & animated.

The new video material from the shoot goes hand in hand with the new UI/UX design. The small animations and moving elements convey Lagermax's claim "Together in motion." is emphasised from the very first second.


Intuitive & simple.

With the new, intuitive and simplified navigation concept, we have managed to place the full focus on the content of the website and thus also on the wide range of services offered by Lagermax.


Thanks to the perfect interplay of concept, design, content and technology, the website relaunch was a complete success. True to the claim "Together in motion.", we look forward to continuously developing and advancing the digital platform.

Günter Fridrich
Chief Human Resources Officer / Chief Marketing Officer

Focus on content.

A perfect fusion of unique content, intelligent design and a clearly recognisable brand personality creates an incomparable user experience. This is exactly what we have achieved with the relaunch of the Lagermax website.


  • Content roadmap

    In addition to an SEO & content audit, we conducted a content workshop including a roadmap for the creation and preparation of the required content.

  • Content creation

    Based on the content roadmap, new website texts were created and a 1 1/2-day photo and video shoot was organised.

  • Content optimisation

    Existing texts were optimised from an SEO perspective on the basis of keyword research. This involved optimising the content of texts and metadata.

Visual Content Creation – Authentic employee portraits and insights into a corporate culture full of movement.

In addition to impressive drone shots of the Lagermax locations, authentic portraits and videos of employees from all service areas were created during the photo and video shoot. Our aim was to capture the natural moments at work - without any staging or make-up. The resulting photos and videos contribute significantly to the authenticity of Lagermax as an employer brand and offer insights into the corporate culture.

The new image and moving image content not only illustrates the professional side of the company, but also the human and team-oriented dimension that is at the centre of Lagermax. Visual content thus becomes an important lever for appealing to potential employees and customers and effectively communicating Lagermax's strengths and values.


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