Zwei Männer in Bründl Sportbekleidung

Digital brand & unique e-commerce rental platform

Digital brand & unique e-commerce rental platform

Bründl is a leading sports equipment retailer and rental service operator in the Austrian Alps and is always ready to go in completely new and unique directions.

Bergspitzen mit Schnee bedeckt


The digital rental platform creates long-lasting magic moments.

  • Usability & navigation concept

    The universal navigation concept combines website features with a rental shop experience on a single platform. Constant usability testing was conducted from the implementation phase on - to identify and correct possible barriers for users.

  • Infrastructure & technology

    Using the cloud-based Commerce API solution provided by commercetools gave us complete flexibility in the implementation of the Bründl Sports business model. Magnolia CMS creates high user acceptance and the modular architecture facilitates hook-ups to the inventory management and POS systems.

  • Rental process

    The centrepiece of the new platform is a simple and intuitive booking process with a high conversion rate. Bründl's employees played a very important role in its design, contributing their immense know-how and shop experience. The entire booking management process is run through the specially developed Rent-Admin system.

  • Content

    A joint content roadmap and content strategy provided the keys to success. It was agreed with Bründl Sports that content­areas would be produced by pixelart. A final read-through and fine-tuning of all content ensured a homogenous look.

  • Digital marketing

    Jointly-designed launch campaigns were a major factor in the effective promotion of the platform and, subsequently, for the successful booking launch. Continuous SEO and content consultation activities have ensured ever-increasing visibility. Business is booming!

  • Clients & expandability

    Bründl Sports is an exceedingly visionary customer and always a step ahead. That's why we implemented a platform with the addition of new clients and users in mind. As a result, it is relatively simple to set-up new shops and locations on the rental platform.

Rentals and a corporate experience. The shared goal was to create a uniform brand image combined with a unique rental experience for Bründl. Our guiding question was: "How can we transport Bründl Sports's passion for sports and the experience of their excellent advice and service into the digital world?"

Frau in Bründl Skiausrüstung

Digital expertise in all fields

The joint success of this high-impact business project is explained by working together with the customer and all our partners in a single project team. We always kept the ultimate vision in mind as we drafted and developed concept design, customer journeys and rental processes. The all-UI/UX design was continuously tested and optimised as a prototype. Considerations for the promotion and launch campaign were make at an early stage. 

The foundations for a highly proficient and scalable overall system were laid with sophisticated system architecture. The technologies chosen were Magnolia and commercetools.

Bründl Sports Standortsuche auf der Website

Insights into the workshops.

Transparent communication, mutual respectful interaction and a functioning feedback culture are the secret to productive collaboration. Joint workshops dealt with the entire scope of specified details that entered the roadmap. Site visits to the shops and logistics centres were the key to an almost perfect understanding of Bründl Sports and its business.

In our role as digital lead agency, together with Bründl IT we designed the entire rental procedure, from reservation to collection at the shop. We integrated the internal merchandise inventory POS rental systems, and also developed the holistic concept for the interfaces. The issues of security, performance and scalability were given utmost priority in all decisions.

Ski und Skischuhe im Schnee
Bründl Lounge mit Bar und Bründl Sports Magazin

Supreme customer service.

Now, customers of Bründl Sports will be able to experience digital magic moments, including interesting magazine articles, newly-created brand and product worlds. Site visitors can find infomation on the top events in Alpine regions, and be able to register for tickets.

Bründl Mitarbeiterin übergibt einer Kundin die reservierte Ware

Flexibility for rental customers.

Rental customers can use recommendations and the ski/bike finder to discover tailored sports equipment for a perfect holiday. Subsequent changes or additions to reservations and personal details can be made online until shortly before orders are due to be collected in the shop. Smart communication routes to customers before the holiday begins, and opportunities to rate the service online after returning the equipment, are all part of the rental experience.

Backoffice tool

A special backoffice tool for the rental platform was designed and developed for Bründl employees. This enables the reservations in each rental shop to be viewed and administered. Specially developed dashboards display the most important indicators in realtime. Responses to customer feedback about the rental service can be sent by staff via Rent-Admin and approved for presentation on the platform. 

Startseite der Bründl Sports Website am Smartphone

Respectful, uncomplicated, honest: Above all it's the way we're able to collaborate that repeatedly confirms pixelart as the right choice of partner. We always enjoy our time working together, and the extraordinary results we achieve. That's still true now, as the agency is actively helping us find and develop solutions. We would choose pixelart every time!

Projektteam Bründl Sports
Darstellung der Bründl Website in verschiedenen Bildschirmauflösungen

Together along the road ahead

This project is just the first successful stage of a joint tour of the summits with Bründl Sports. Ongoing changes, seasonal developments and continued digital marketing for the purposes of promotion and visibility are integral parts of this positive collaboration.

Paar mit geliehenen Brüdl Fahrrädern am Berg

The result: A rental platform for years to come; one that offers customers a unique digital rental experience and a long-term partnership with Bründl Sports.