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From the idea to the digital product: DNA analysis for elite sport

From the idea to the digital product: DNA analysis for elite sport

DNathlete offers unique and customized instructions for leveraging athletic performance of elite athletes. Therefore, meeting the highest security requirements, a centralized technology platform was developed by pixelart, including designing digital processes and taking responsibility for the complete design system. Software Development at its finest.

Darstellung der Abläufe in der Applikation

Starting point

Project Requirements

DNathlete's initial vision state: providing a DNA analysis based on extensive data for performance optimization, injury reduction and health issue prevention for top athletes. Their USP is based on scientific research and a tailored scientific database, from which individual reports are generated. 

DNathlete's target audience includes professional athletes from various sports, associations, teams, or individual athletes from across Europe.

pixelart collaborates with the startup "DNathlete" to develop digital processes.


scientific studies as a foundation

140 Gigabyte

are processed per evaluation

1,5 Billion

bases of DNA are included in each report

World-renowned elite athletes. Highly sensitive health, DNA, and personal data. Clearly, the security of technology systems is our highest priority. 


The Solution - A Seamless Digital Process

Focusing on the vision, a process for creating customized DNA reports has been developed. 

Therefore, personal physical data, scientific reports as well as individual DNA laboratory analyses are evaluated by an extensive algorithm, whereupon personalized reports on increasing athletic performance are created. 

The submission of only 100% accurate results to clients is ensured by an additonal approval process involving DNathlete's doctors.

  • Digital & Analog

    The digital processes form the backbone for a seamless user experience, guaranteeing the smooth integration of analog saliva sample and laboratory analysis.

  • Automation

    A high level of automation ensures the seamless transmission of the vast amount of data between databases and systems.

  • Data Management

    Scientific research guarantees a high product quality. Structured data management since the beginning of the project is essential for adaptive data processing.

Ever since the beginning of the project, pixelart has been the perfect partner to transform our product vision into technical reality and shape the vast amount of data into a comprehensive report for athletes. By collaboratively developing digital processes, athletes are provided with top-level results.

Prof. Dr. Florian Pfab
Head of Medical Department and Chief Team Doctor at Brighton & Hove Albion


Secure Data Processing through State-of-the-Art Setup

While considering modern serverless-technologies, we are using several AWS services for data processing.

Lambda functions respond to defined events and query data from AWS DynamoDB and S3. AWS Cognito manages user authentication in the background.

To prevent any inference about the athletes, pseudonymized user data is stored in separate databases, while DNA analyses are queried through highly protected interfaces to the laboratories.

Genetics meets Technology

Human DNA holds incredible potential, encompassing not only the secrets to our health, but also paving the way to spectacular performance increases in elite sport. 

pixelart has created the perfect technological ecosystem to ensure seamless processes to showcase the brilliance of genetics. 


Do you have specific needs which require customized software solutions?

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