New Eurobike website made by pixelart

Travel passion meets active vacation – international multi-brand platform for travel

Travel passion meets active vacation – international multi-brand platform for travel

The Eurofun Group, with more than 10 companies, is a leading travel provider and offers a wide range of active trips in various European countries. The attractive presentation of the diverse offering and the easy path from finding your dream trip to booking are the focus of the new platform.



Starting point: Rebranding for more digital flexibility

This project also marked the visual evolution of the brand. In close collaboration with the client, the brand essence was strengthened and successfully transferred to the corporate and web design. The result is a new visual identity that is equipped for all digital requirements and authentically reflects both the tradition and innovation of the brand.



The project objectives were multifaceted:
Above all, it was important to anchor the rebranding of Eurobike and Eurohike in the design and to emphasize the e-commerce character through seamless integration of content and conversion elements.

At the same time, we placed particular emphasis on the flexibility and scalability of the platform to ensure future growth and expansion of the system.


The Eurofun Group's new platform not only makes it much easier to maintain and service the system, but also offers users various functions that contribute to an improved information hierarchy and a positive user experience.


  • Year variants

    If a tour is offered for more than one year, the user can change the page via a central switch and obtain information specifically for the desired year.

  • Price table

    The price table provides a compact overview of the basic prices per trip and year in different seasons. If required, further additional offers can be folded out or the convenient price calculator can be used.

  • Quick start

    An eye-catching icon in the main navigation enables access to central areas of the website, regardless of the current page and position in the user journey.

  • Redirect management

    Redirects can be maintained directly by the editor in Magnolia using a custom module built specifically for this purpose. Playout takes place via Lambda@Edge by AWS.

  • Review and rating flow

    A specially developed flow for checking, responding to and approving reviews provides a good overview and quick response to concerns.

  • Asset management

    Images are uploaded and edited via Cloudinary as an external DAM. Images can be selected via a Magnolia Connector and integrated directly into the content.

Customer journey of the Eurofun Group's multi-client platform

Simple and target-oriented search

For users with a clear travel destination, the advanced tour search offers the quickest route to their dream trip. Numerous filters allow precise customization of the results. All relevant information and travel options are available on the tour details page, and the booking form is always just a click away.



Content inspiration for more travel joy

For travel enthusiasts who want to be inspired and do not yet have a specific trip in mind, the extensive content pages offer the perfect starting point. The focus here is on linking content with suitable trips. Narrowing down and selecting a suitable trip is effortless thanks to the wealth of destination pages and the clear tour map.


Thanks to the combination of agile project management, efficient communication and aligned goals, the relaunch was a real success. We are proud of the result and look forward to continuously developing the project and driving it forward together.


David Reichhartinger
Senior Digital Project Manager


A vivid Design System

The new design system is of central importance as it is the key to a consistent visual experience and excellent usability.

A carefully crafted color scheme, consistent typography hierarchies and fully responsive design resulted in a versatile and vibrant user interface design that stays true to the brand's DNA.

New Eurobike website made by pixelart


A powerful, technical foundation that fully meets the requirements of the multi-client environment.

Technical foundation for the Eurofun Group's multi-client platform


Technological backbone for full performance

The development of the travel platform places high demands on the scalability and flexibility of the technologies used. The management of several hundred thousand digital assets, tour data, prices and ratings is based on highly scalable cloud services and Magnolia DX.

Various AWS services serve as a technical backbone that guarantees smooth and efficient data processing and availability. This technological basis enables us to offer a powerful and future-proof platform that can adapt flexibly to the dynamic requirements of the travel market.


  • GraphQL API Layer

    The platform uses GraphQL via AWS AppSync as a central data hub. This increases efficiency and user experience through precise data queries with a focus on performance and scalability for large amounts of data.

  • NoSQL data storage

    NoSQL data storage via AWS DynamoDB enables scalable and high-performance management of all relevant travel data. DynamoDB enables seamless integration with other AWS services for data playout.

  • Serverless architecture

    We use AWS Lambda in a serverless architecture to divide the platform into smaller, domain-specific areas. These microservices ensure clarity and scalability.

  • Cloudinary & Image CDN

    Cloudinary manages the large number of images and integrates seamlessly with Magnolia DX. A specially configured Image CDN with Cloudfront ensures optimized performance and faster delivery of assets.

  • Frontend architecture

    The unified multi-tenant frontend architecture overcomes the challenges of individual designs and CI/CD through a hybrid rendering strategy that optimizes the performance and development process of React components.

  • Content Management

    Magnolia DX focuses on flexibility and security by combining the headless approach with user-friendly frontend solutions, which optimizes the web presence and makes it adaptable.

With pixelart, we have taken the next step for our international active travel platform: a completely new Magnolia and server setup, a crisp concept and fresh designs. This makes it even easier to find and book our active tours. The pixelart team was efficient, flexible and uncomplicated in their communication and overall project implementation.

Thomas Schmid
CEO Eurofun Touristik


The Eurofun Group's digital journey continues

The shared multi-client setup results in numerous synergy effects, including comprehensive content sharing between several subsidiaries. Thanks to a detailed rights and role system, it is possible to segment the content in a targeted manner and use it on different pages. At the same time, the scalability of the solution opens up a wide range of opportunities for the future and additional growth through further sub-brands or subsidiaries.


Logos of the Eurofun clients


The introduction of the new platform provides the Eurofun Group with an innovative state-of-the-art solution that forms an ideal basis for continuous growth in the digital environment.

The modular structure opens up opportunities for broad scaling with additional companies and for the addition of further functions and features. In this way, the digital transformation in the international active travel sector is specifically supported and driven forward.

Digital Transformation

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