An eCommerce shopping experience that literally connects.

An eCommerce shopping experience that literally connects.

Ramsauer is considered the Austrian market leader for premium sealants, adhesives and PU foams. Versatility as well as passion for details and the whole are capitalised here, which is reflected on the corporate website in combination with an end-to-end online shop.




  • PIM system and online shop

    Pimcore enables an ideal interaction of classic CMS, online shop and PIM. The advantages: simple data maintenance for backend editors, a flexible and efficient PIM as well as an informative and clear digital touchpoint for the end-to-end user.

  • Customised content

    To complete the look of the website, new content was created through photo and video shoots. This makes the website look fresh and appealing, grabbing the attention of visitors and offering them an attractive user experience.

  • Customer groups

    An innovative eCommerce solution was developed specifically for B2B, B2C and B2X. Website visitors benefit from customised offers, a seamless shopping experience and individual service for each customer group.

  • UI/UX Design

    A clear design as well as revised eCommerce processes ensure an improved shopping experience and a smooth check-out process. Part of the project goal was to guide customers from the page visit to buying the product they were looking for within a few minutes.

  • Master Data Management

    The open connectivity of Pimcore enables the integration of various third-party systems into the entire eCommerce ecosystem. Microsoft Navision enables efficient synchronisation of product data, Findologic serves as a search function and Hobex as a payment provider ensures a secure and reliable payment process.

  • API Layer & Data Exchange

    Through the API layer, Pimcore and the ERP communicate in real time, enabling the flexible and scalable exchange of information and ensuring fail-safe integration.

Challenge: Shop for all Users

As part of the website merger with an online shop, the successful integration of a versatile customer group system (end-to-end) was accomplished as a special challenge. Thanks to comprehensive planning and technical expertise, a unified shop was created that caters to the different customer groups optimally.

The goal of the project was also to integrate Ramsauer's existing ERP system into the new webshop. Pimcore serves as the central data management platform, allowing Ramsauer to manage, update, and optimize product data.

Brand vision

The central starting point for the relaunch of the digital brand presence was first of all the sharpening and consolidation of the Ramsauer brand core. Purpose, vision, mission and values were jointly scrutinised and redefined with a focus on authenticity.


By carefully aligning the new end-to-end store with its revamped brand core, Ramsauer has achieved something that few companies can - a seamless and consistent connection between an effective corporate website and a powerful E-Commerce solution.

David Roth
Senior Brand Strategist

All paths lead to the product

All products are accessible to the user via various access points and guidance systems. The use of Findologic as an AI product discovery platform in the online shop has proven to be extremely effective. Findologic offers personalised search results, merchandising tools, real-time analytics and is easy to implement. The search function delivers accurate and relevant results, which contributes to a positive user experience. This also ensures higher conversions.


Guide & Applications

The Guide & Applications content pages are not only a valuable source of guidance and tips, but also another gateway to Ramsauer's products. A cross-selling function has been implemented on each page, allowing users to buy products directly and go through a smooth check-out process. These comprehensive resources improve the user experience and promote efficient use of the items on offer.


Product Overview

The product overview on the website presents all available products in an ordered display based on an algorithmic approach. By selecting a product, the user is taken to the detailed product page, which provides comprehensive information about the product. There, it is possible to purchase the desired product in different versions.


Color Theming

The colour guidance system extends the benefits of product access and contributes significantly to user-friendliness and navigation on the website. The dominant guide colours green, purple and orange characterise the product areas and serve as orientation. This enables a clear and quick assignment of each product to a specific product category.





Colour Theming


The consistent green colour scheme in the design conveys to the user at first glance that green elements are associated with sealants. Thanks to this consistent design, a clear visual identification is created that makes it easier for users to recognise and assign the corresponding products throughout the website.


Colour Theming


With an eye-catching purple colour scheme, targeted colour accents are set to create a memorable appearance within the adhesives product category.


Colour Theming


The appearance of the products in the PU foams range features a refreshing orange scheme, which was taken up as the lead colour for the entire product range in the course of the realignment.


Conversion is the clear goal of eCommerce projects. To ensure a consistent presentation across all colour themes, buttons and important interaction elements always remain neutral - the remaining elements can be coloured according to the product area.

pixelart Mitarbeiter in der Welcome Bar
Florian Schwaiger
Senior Digital Designer

Product access points

By optimising the website structure, especially the product displays and accesses, a uniform shop system was developed that optimally addresses the different target groups of the website. The individual needs and expertise of the different shop users were taken into account to ensure an efficient and unique shopping experience.


Master Data Management (MDM)

Pimcore's open connectivity enables integration of various third-party systems into the entire eCommerce ecosystem.

  • Microsoft Navision

    The connection of Pimcore to Microsoft Navision enables efficient synchronisation of product data, orders and customer data.

  • Findologic

    The integration allows customers to narrow down their search results and product overviews using filters such as categories or attributes. Autocomplete completes searches in real time to deliver fast and relevant results.

  • Hobex

    Hobex as a payment provider integrates seamlessly into the Pimcore check-out process and ensures a secure and reliable connection to protect customers' sensitive payment data.


Data processing

The principle of the single source of truth is crucial for the management and maintenance of product data. Existing technical data in Microsoft Navision can be enriched with marketing texts in Pimcore. Pimcore acts as an extended, central platform for organising product data, which improves data quality and efficiency.



Efficient data exchange

The implementation of an API layer enables the exchange between the systems without a direct connection. This allows Pimcore and the ERP to communicate in real time and transfer information in a flexible and scalable way, resulting in a fail-safe integration.


Commerce & Content

As an experience management platform, Pimcore is the right solution to connect extensive product data sets with meaningful content. By centrally managing product data, customer data/CDP and merchant data, a compelling eCommerce experience is created.


The task was complex: to migrate our existing website and webshop and modernise them at the same time. In the process, we had to merge the most diverse systems in the backend. In the front end, we wanted to deliver an optimal user experience for B2B and B2C customers. Thanks to an innovative approach, intensive cooperation and technical expertise, we achieved a great result. We are proud of it and look forward to the further development of our e-commerce platform.

Dipl.-Ing. Kornelius Kurz
Project Manager IT / Ramsauer

Product Experience

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