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Data-based e-commerce experience with app feeling.

Data-based e-commerce experience with app feeling.

A major challenge for contemporary e-commerce solutions is to harmonise the goals of usability, modern design and shopping experience. The customer, JAKO-O, sat down with us to produce a data-based approach to the development of a new e-commerce portal.

  • Data analytics

    Panel questions, an integrated analytics system, benchmarking data and relevant studies create a solid basis for all subsequent steps.

  • Usability testing

    Each important step was tested and evaluated with users by using visual prototypes in individual iterations.

  • UI/UX design

    Data gathered so far were used in combination with modern design work for a functional UI/UX look that fits the brand and target group like a glove.

  • A collaborative approach

    Several remote teams worked on the project. The wide range of tools and frameworks at their disposal made them a powerful cooperative.

  • Brand presentation and access points

    Presenting major brands required the development of several different concepts for micro and macro-user journeys.

  • Design system

    A detailed design system determined the use of a wide range of elements and versions across all systems.

Datenwolke die datengetriebenes Design bebildert.


We identified solutions using data. We analysed existing data and conducted user tests.


The whole team, including the customer, identified and shared fascinating findings and correlations that actively contributed to the development of the project.


Findings from the data inspired us to try out new ideas that may also thrill future customers.

The new uncomplicated design allows the brand to take centre stage and provides a perfect platform for the products. Absolute priority is given to the brand experience and shopping pleasure. The simple UX/UI design consciously guides customers around the shop and on to excellent conversion rates.

Product cards

The cards are kept simple and feature all the relevant information. The quick purchase button enables products to be pulled straight from the overview to the shopping basket - without detours.

Miro, XD and Teams: Exploring new ways together

One special challenge was ensuring cooperation was equally effective, whether sitting together or in remote sites. Tools like Miro and Adobe XD offer whiteboards with unlimited zoom-in and extension functions, and provide an ideal means for collecting ideas, developing strategies, organising tasks and sharing with internal and external teams. Presentations and design prototypes merge for a seamless collaborative experience.

Ein Mann bei einem Videocall mit Microsoft Teams.
Verschiedene Folien die Präsentationscharts zeigen.
Ein glückliches Mädchen tanzt in einem buntem Stufenrock.
Die Farbpalette wird hier gezeigt.

Colour system

JAKO-O's colourful imagery and logo were placed in the best possible light by a conscious choice of dark and subtle colours. With very few exceptions, buttons and UX/UI elements were coloured black or dark blue. This produces an atmospheric contrast to the lively JAKO-O colour range, and allows attention to be focused completely on product content.

Digitales Design System mit einigen Ausprägungen.

Design system

The distinctive design system and detailed style guide form the basis for implementating the digital e-commerce portal. This foundation is essential for the longer-term development of digital projects and serves as the “Single Source of Truth”.



Weißes iPhone und einige Bilder symbolisieren die Community und den Wissensaustausch.

Social community

Comments, ratings, shopping lists, magazine articles, social media integrations and the personal JAKO-O profile have made it very easy to share and gather information.

Eine Heatmap bei einem Usability Test.

User testing

Every iterative step was carefully tested and rated by over 60 testers. The entire feedback entered a correction loop. A broad portfolio of test methods was used: Heatmaps, conventional usability tests, acceptance tests and tree tests.

Kind im Schlafanzug.

Add to cart

The goal of the whole shopping experience is to guide customers to the shopping basket and then the checkout. Our simplification of this workflow is based on the results of various studies and specific user tests. The valuable findings flowed straight into the design process to encourage enhanced conversion.

Softshell Overall auf dem einzelne Regentropfen abperlen.
Projektspezifischer Zeitstrahl, der den Ablauf zeigt.

Project method

Keeping an overview of all the factors critical to success requires milestone-planning with a degree of agility. This is guaranteed by iteration, allowing the agile components of production – development – optimisation to be taken into account. Each iteration is agreed with the respective stakeholders, subsequently being planned and visualised. Each phase of iteration ends with a hand-over to the JAKO-O Development Department.

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