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Unique eCommerce experience and increased sales figures in the long term.

The Challenge

End-to-end eCommerce for a great customer journey.

Are you challenged to transform a monolithic platform into a modern headless microservice architecture and customer experience platform? Your customers demand a seamless eCommerce experience and high-quality content? Your company and product information is scattered in different places and you want to organize it centrally?

Bringing all these requirements together is a complex task. We are happy to support you in turning your vision into reality and delighting your customers with an outstanding eCommerce experience.


Our Solution

A digital commerce strategy starts with smart requirements management and choosing the right tech stack. We focus on a great customer journey as well as a flexible system architecture.

We provide you with comprehensive solutions, from innovative eCommerce platforms like Pimcore to customized platforms with commercetools. Furthermore, we rely on MACH architectures to give you maximum flexibility and scalability.

How we do it

Our eCommerce mission

For future-proof solutions, we place particular emphasis on flexibility and scalability in all areas - from front-end and back-end to data and marketing. At all times, we keep an eye on all parameters, be it change management, digital marketing or a possible global scaling of your eCommerce solution.

Our goals: To increase the number of transactions, to ensure a sustainable system lifetime, to provide flexibility for continuous optimization processes and to enable good content delivery and user-friendly operation. Together, we create new digital business models and generate a high-quality user experience that delights your customers.


We are a full-service specialist in overall eCommerce design.

Our range of services includes scoping & requirements engineering, data science, technology consulting, information architecture, user experience design, research & analysis, content, online marketing, usability testing as well as technical integration including data migration and connection between old and new platforms. In addition, we also accompany you during the maintain phase and optionally offer the entire operational management.

Explore, analyze, build & run

Exceptional shopping experiences increase conversion rates. In order to achieve this, we draw on proven experience clusters.

  • Techstack

    We integrate eCommerce and multichannel solutions such as full stack platforms e.g. Pimcore or commercetools on full MACH architecture.

  • Data

    We offer solutions for product information, master data and digital asset management such as Pimcore or Akeno.

  • Operate

    We enable ongoing and secure operation of your eCommerce solution in a full cloud environment with a preferred cloud hosting partner such as or Amazon AWS.

  • Migration

    We take care of the consolidation and merging of data, services and applications from new and existing systems. We develop the perfect data hub between Data, IT & Marketing.

  • Change

    We support and empower your team and drive the adoption of new solutions, processes and systems in your organization.

  • Optimize

    After implementation, we use the learnings from data and user journeys to sharpen processes and drive digital marketing.

In collaboration with our customers, a variety of models lead to the common goal: We are either full-service implementation partner or we join forces with cross-functional, interdisciplinary teams. We work together on commerce projects in a development partnership. We also share our knowledge and experience with our clients on demand.

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Mike Glas
Datencluster wird mit Formen visualisiert

Seamless AI Commerce Integration

Leading companies' marketing teams benefit from AI in content development for websites and products, or predictive insights in product assortment.

AI accelerates and multiplies the capabilities of our eCommerce solutions in many areas.

Our technological know-how enables us to seamlessly merge AI and eCommerce.

Seamless AI-commerce integration.

AI is unleashing unprecedented creativity and revolutionizing the way we develop ideas, innovations and technologies into holistic solutions.

  • AI predictive

    AI optimizes inventory and utilization planning around your eCommerce activities as well as SKU listings in the store, which are subject to diverse sales performance due to target group, the weather or visitor flow. Furthermore, AI also enables dynamic pricing.

  • AI conversation & search

    Chatbots offer high added value around the clock: Use the technology for inquiries, possible problems, or also for product recommendations. Or offer your users and customers faster access to the best information or the ideal product via an AI-supported and learning search.

  • AI content integration

    Generate content and suggestions at the touch of a button: Run translations with DeepL, create product info for master data and digital asset management, or use tools to generate the right-fit information for SEO and other online marketing activities.

The requirements for eCommerce projects couldn't be more different - and that's exactly why we love this diverse field. We analyze existing and established company processes together and merge them with the new eCommerce solution as part of optimal change management, and we take our customers by the hand responsibly.

Porträtfoto von Thomas Peintner
Thomas Peintner
Team Lead Digital Commerce & Business Solutions

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Ready for a data-driven, digital future

Certified for commercetools and Pimcore.

Since many years pixelart has a trustful partnership with commercetools. We have already launched eCommerce projects for international markets with this partner.

pixelart is a Pimcore Gold Partner and has many certified Pimcore developers and Pimcore consultants in its own expert teams.


eCommerce @ pixelart

Our direct contacts for new eCommerce inquiries:

Thomas Peintner

Porträtfoto von Thomas Peintner
Thomas Peintner, Team Lead Digital Commerce & Business Solutions

Nina Schwebach

Nina Schwebach, Senior Digital Project Manager, Certified Pimcore Consultant

Alexander Hölzl

Alexander Hölzl, Senior Technical Consultant, Certified Pimcore Developer

Manuel Schild

Manuel Schild, Senior Digital Project Manager, Certified Pimcore Consultant

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