Manage website, content and product data with the ease and expertise of a Pimcore digitalagency

Manage website, content and product data with the ease and expertise of a Pimcore digitalagency

Do you have countless images and product data that need to be used effectively and neatly managed, all in one place, and have to be shown on your website? Do these data continuously change and are they used on a variety of sites? If so, Pimcore is the right solution and pixelart as a certified partner agency is the right place to come to.

Multichannel becomes omnichannel

Pimcore combines the functions of a PIM system, digital asset management, a digital commerce platform and a content management system in a single solution - keeping everything scalable and flexible. No more silo systems that limit and obstruct better data management and product handling. Most importantly, it saves your most valuable resource: employee working time. As a Pimcore partner agency we show you how it works.

Boost your digitalisation

"The Pimcore ecosystem approach enables businesses to consolidate products and digital assets for an enhanced user experience in commerce, website and mobile experience."

Gartner, Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce
Christina Klock, Research Director

A Pimcore platform offers businesses greater efficiency in marketing, sales and digital trade.

  • Product Information­Management (PIM)

    Pimcore provides a functional PIM system that facilitates central data administration, is easy to operate and can be linked up to any output channel.

  • Master Data Management (MDM)

    Business fields change. To keep an overview, Pimcore includes master data management capacities that help to improve, adapt and integrate data from a single source.

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)

    Content is king. Content is good when the right medium for each purpose is readily available; and Pimcore provides an ideal DAM system.

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Pimcore facilitates conventional personalisation measures, allowing forecasts of subsequent user behaviour for a significant enhancement of the customer experience.

  • Digital Experience Plattform (DXP/CMS)

    Now multi-experience is far more than a buzzword. Customers expect digital media to offer a uniform image and experience, regardless of the device. Pimcore's DXP makes it possible.

  • Digital Commerce Platform

    If you intend, now or in the future, to sell products or spare parts – no worries! Pimcore provides a highly-functional shopping experience via API-driven microservices.


Pimcore enables frontend to be separated from content and product data administration. The classic 'headless' approach. The modules (PIM, DXP etc.) serve as a central hub for content management, regardless of its destination. Like this, content can be supplied to all desired channels. Moreover, this centrepiece solution allows several channels to be updated simultaneously.

GraphQL / Datahub

GraphQL is the query language and Pimcore the data hub, together forming the cornerstones of data provision to 3rd-party applications. This immensely flexible set-up allows Pimcore to link up with every available application that permits GraphQL retrieval. Hence, Pimcore facilitates both master data management and a wide range of options for API-centred content provision.

Pimcore implementation – Always the right system for your needs


    Ideal for corporate websites with a comprehensive product section and central data storage for additional digital touchpoints and multi-channel publishing. Unstructured data from Excel or ERP can be enriched and used on a diversity of channels.

  • CMS with DAM

    Ideal for businesses with an immense range of assets that don't just have to be used for CMS, but also in a wide variety of places. DAM serves as a structure asset data base and can be used by a company for multiple additional purposes.

  • Content + Commerce

    Perfect for shops with numerous complex products + assets. As regards the implementation of content and commerce, Pimcore is a flexible framework, not a fixed or rigid kit. This guarantees the greatest degree of customisation in commerce.

Pimcore is the future-orientated centrepiece required for digital evolution in a company. What begins with a CMS with DAM functionality, or with PIM-only implementation, can be continually expanded, for data management and experience management too. Central control of all modules via a backend solution makes daily editing and curation a pleasure.

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Nina Schwebach
Senior Digital Project Manager, Certified Pimcore Consultant

Roadmap - A view of tomorrow

A flexible set-up with a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which is capable of providing for the basic requirements and access points of your website, allows ongoing building and the integration of additional systems. You save on resources! Your system grows in accordance with your needs and the demands of the market. That's also true for multi-client and multi-brand set-ups that enable planning, launches or relaunches for one client after another.

pixelart is a certified Pimcore partner agency.

pixelart is a Pimcore Gold Partner with a large expert team of certified Pimcore senior developers and Pimcore consultants. We love the platform because the rich and versatile Open Source tool enables us to assure your technical success for the future. Projects can be initiated with MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) and continuously extended as required. Our customers don't need to worry that solutions already implemented will have a short lifespan, or large projects have to be implemented slowly. All measures can be implemented precisely, step by step, according to the pre-defined roadmap.

Modelling and collecting data from a variety of sources is very simple due to open connectivity and flexible interfaces. Whatever frontend frameworks and applications are required can be easily hooked up via the GraphQL API in combination with the DataHub. This data circuit makes Pimcore a state-of-the-art platform that can be operated headlessly or conventionally, depending on the required use.

Alexander Hölzl
Senior Technical Consultant

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Pimcore consultants at pixelart

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Nina Schwebach

Nina Schwebach, Senior Digital Project Manager, Certified Pimcore Consultant

Ruth Aspetsberger

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Ruth Aspetsberger, Digital Project Manager, Certified Pimcore Consultant

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