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Today's market demands fast, affordable and professional website solutions that existing CMS systems often cannot offer. Their limited layout options, combined with high programming costs and systemic limitations, often make customizations very time-consuming. What if there was a simpler solution?

A smart solution for smart usecases

At pixelart, we believe in efficiency and impressive results. That's why we also rely on innovative ways and #noCode solutions for the creation of high-quality and dynamic websites. Let's discover together why Webflow might be the ideal solution for your next web project.

Design. Build. Grow.

Welcome to a world, where design meets performance.

  • Faster on the market

    In the digital world, every second counts. Webflow significantly speeds up the process from idea to finished website, so your company can be online faster.

  • Form follows Content

    Every company has a unique story to tell. Webflow gives us ways to present these stories in a fascinating way and create impressive digital experiences.

  • Scalable performance

    With fast loading times, automatic backups and first-class security, you can rest assured that your website is always secure and available.

  • Unrivalled quality

    With Webflow, you don't have to compromise on quality. The websites are not only visually appealing, but also technically sophisticated, responsive and optimised for all devices.

  • Complete freedom of design

    Unlike many other web development tools that work with ready-made templates, Webflow offers complete individual freedom.

What you can use it for

A tool that can do everything?

No, certainly not. But Webflow brings unimagined flexibility to web design. Real-time customisation, seamless CMS, adaptable to almost any business model.


  • Landing pages for campaigns

    Dynamic campaign landing pages that captivate your target group with fast loading times, memorable content and striking call-to-action buttons, increase user engagement and boost conversion rates - SEO-optimised for maximum visibility.

  • Corporate microsites

    Corporate websites that not only look good, but are also intuitive to use. With interactive elements, smooth transitions and a clear user interface, you can create a pleasant user experience that encourages visitors to stay longer on your website and interact with your brand.

  • Storytelling product pages

    Webflow is ideal for creating storytelling product pages that use animated transitions, 3D and video content, interactive elements and visually appealing layouts to present the unique story and values of a product in a lively and vivid way.

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But what makes the difference?
Webflow combines design and development in a single platform. Designers can work visually while generating clean, semantic code without having to manually write markup, styling or scripts. This approach enables faster and more efficient realisation of design ideas into functioning websites.

A consistent content-first and story-driven approach.

Our approach requires a new way of thinking in content creation. Instead of using empty content elements with placeholder texts, we consider the actual content, texts, videos and animations right from the start. These are prepared in such a way that they optimally support and promote the natural reading flow and scrolling behaviour of the user.

Uniqueness is the standard.

Every brand and every product has its own characteristics. However, these are often not fully emphasised due to existing limitations. Our approach makes it possible to design the ideal layout specifically for the content in question. Even the finest adjustments are taken into account in order to create a coherent overall picture that emphasises the uniqueness of each brand and product.

Flexibility right to the end and beyond.

Webflow offers an integrated content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to manage and update content without having to edit the code directly. It also understands the importance of search engine optimisation and offers a range of integrated SEO tools. These tools make it possible to further optimise the website for search engines by allowing you to directly adjust meta tags, alt tags and other SEO elements.


Clear goals and measurable success.

Hosting is integrated directly into Webflow, which simplifies the process. The platform offers automatic updates, backups and security measures to protect the websites. It also facilitates integration with a variety of third-party tools and applications such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, social media feeds and much more.

As a designer, I can use Webflow to develop holistic digital experiences in which aesthetics and functionality complement each other seamlessly. The result are websites that are not only technically well implemented but also visually stand out from the crowd and are therefore convincing in the end.

Melanie Witzmann
Digital Designer


At pixelart, we have successfully realised several projects with Webflow. One particular highlight was the recognition for the company GRASS. We are proud that their website was not only honoured as 'Awwwards Site of the Day', but also with the 'Annual Gold Winner 2023'.


Further successful Webflow examples


Vital life. Vital result. An innovative product landing page.
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Website screenshot of the AMRAX project


Engaging 3D: Mixed reality tracking solution website for the real estate industry
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More than organic: a sustainable solution for a sustainable product.


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David Roth, Lead Brand & Content Strategist

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